First piece of T8

aggro1 Last week, just before we’d gone into Uld-10 I’d changed my spec. You know.. changing it up to try out different options. This time I dropped the affliction threat reduction and picked up.. idaknow, something else. In Uld-10 I found that on adds I was drawing -alot- more aggro than normal. Since on trash I am spamming Seed of Corruption I found that either I was starting too soon.. or I was just plain critting too much and pulling aggro.

So on Saturday I spent alot of quality time with Simulation craft. At one point I had documents open on both of my screens and graphs/charts/number totally filling them just to answer a few basic questions. In the end I respec’d to this: 54/00/17. I -really- want to pick up that last point in Improved Life Tap.. but at the moment I’m craving the Affliciton threat reduction. I’ll try this out for a while and if I’m running well behind the tanks on threat then I think I’ll shift a point from Improved Drain Soul to Improved Life Tap.

Also.. I decided to try out raiding with the Succy. I still dislike her.. but somehow she seems to have gotten a decent amount of health (~10k).. so she’s not dying everytime a mob sneezes.

Normally Tuesdays are VoA-25 and OS-25.** This last Tuesday we were only able to do OS-25 since we didn’t own Wintergrasp. That means, come Saturday.. I still had a clear RaidId for VoA-25.

So on Saturday, I’m sitting there in Dal.. and I see a message in /trade that someone is looking for toons for a VoA-25 pug.. I whispered back. He came back and asked my DPS.

I waffled about the answer to that question. Do I tell him “2.4-2.6k on dummies”.. which I know I can get.. or “3.3k in raid” which I have gotten.. but in a different spec? Finally I whispered back “3.1k in raid buffs”. I figured at best I’d hit that.. and at worst “meh, it’s a pug”. Gone are the days of any warm body being able to fill out a VoA run.

I got invited to the PUG and summoned to Wintergrasp. They spent a while longer getting everyone rounded up but eventually we headed into VoA. Our first target was Emalon (which now that I think of it is a great idea. If the pug can’t do it then the can disband the pug (or kick out low dpsers) and no one’s saved).

As we were heading into the instance the only other warlock in the run whispered me and asked if I PVPd. I told him No. Then he offered that he wouldn’t roll on any Warlock PVE items if I didn’t roll on any Warlock PVP items. Woot! Totally agree to that.

We made three attempts on Emalon and downed him on the last attempt. He dropped the Warlock PVE T8 gloves. So WOO HOO! I can haz Epic Deathbringer hands!

After that we quickly downed Archevon. I got a phone call in the middle of Archevon so my dps on that fight was very low ;P

Overall I came in at 3.0k dps. Not bad.. but on just Emalon I think I was a 3.6k. So.. woo hoo. Spec’s working out so far.

**Normally we do voa-25 and os-25.. normally before now. Last night the GM just declared that we’re putting a moratorium on in-guild 25-mans until we can get more participants. I’m in favor of the move.. though I guess this means I’ll be pugging more.

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  1. Grats Nibs! And I love the new look… it’s been a while since I’ve been able to visit as my work filter seems to think you write about “Games/Misc” even when I assure it that your content is imperative to my well-being and should be more rightly classified as “Necessary Evil”… ha, get it? *sigh* Anyhoo, keep on keepin’ on.

    Fulguraliss last blog post..When It Rains, It Pours

  2. Wow “Necessary Evil” would be such a -great- name for a Warlock blog.

    Hmm. Nah, I’m way to committed to “Mystic Chicanery”

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