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Stoopid blue hat

bluehat The loot Gods officially hate me.

Here I am. A warlock of (almost) EPIC proportions** and I’m -still- wearing a blue hat. Stoopid silly Forgotten Shadow Hood out of Culling of Strat. Not only that.. I actually have TWO of them. One gemmed for +hit and the other gemmed for +spellpower. So I can swap them around depending on whether I need the extra hit or more spellpower… and continue to wear a blue hat. Stoopid blue hat.

It’s not for lack of trying. Believe me. I’ve seen innumerable warlock appropriate head pieces drop.. I just never win them. Sucks. Everything else is purple and lovely and shiny.

Stoopid blue hat. /curse /stomp /fume

** I’m only in the 3k family of dps and not the 5k family of dps.. hrm. Not sure what I’m doing wrong *sigh*

4 thoughts on “Stoopid blue hat

  1. Heya Nibuca,

    I know you don’t like PvP, but I really have to recommend Wintergrasp as a source for easy decent epics to fill out those slots where raid gear just doesn’t drop. For 40 Marks (no honor points or arena rating required) you can get a great headpiece with a meta slot and choice of hit rating or haste rating. If I remember correctly the socket bonus is spellpower as well instead of something dumb like resilience.

    Wintergrasp isn’t even real PvP, it’s just joining a raid and zerging around until you rank up to lieutenant (for the full 3 Marks) and then hoping your side wins. Hopefully Alliance normally wins on your server (13 wins + 1 loss = 40 Marks).

    Don’t know if you’ve tried Wintergrasp yet, but you can also get hit rating boots/belt/chest and 111 spellpower/95 hit rating trinkets.

    Just an idea if you really want to upgrade from that blue hat, since I have never seen a cloth head drop from Ulduar-10 so far 😛

  2. Know the feeling…. not at all as purple as you – but that blue hat is just annoying! The one time I’ve seen the hat from Sapph drop – a warlock got it! *hrmpf*

    BlueTigers last blog post..Meh…

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