Monologueing is Annoying

We missed the timed CoT by that much (finger pinched together). Every fight before the gauntlet was on that exact opposite end of town. So we lost too much time in running back and forth. Dejected, we went on to defeat Mal’Ganis.

Srsly, the end of that fight pisses me off. If he’s going to monolog about how he’ll kick our ass later he really needs to .. you know.. stun us all.. because if one more shadowbolt had hit him he’d’ve died. Having his little monolog while I’m still at full health/mana.. and have proc’d nightfall and have my finger poised over Shadow Bolt while he blah blah blahs for a while is just annoying.

ANYWAY. Finally he gets done and runs off and we rifle through his chest of goodies and he drops the Band of Guile which looks to be a slight upgrade over my current rings. So I chatted with the group and finally hit “need”.

BAM! Needy achievement. I actually rolled 100 on the need. Hot damn! (had a silly window open over top of the achievement. 🙁 messed up my screenshot).

Ok, that’s kind of cool the rest of the loot was a pair of cloth shoulders shoulder (not an upgrade) and a frozen orb. Greed on both.
BAM! Greedy achievement. I rolled 100 on the greed for the shoulders.

So within 10 seconds I got both of the roll RNG achievements.


4 thoughts on “Monologueing is Annoying

  1. If you’re not already doing this, a handy trick for the timed boss in CoS is to have the tank slowly pull him back, further and further away from his portal. That way, even if time runs out, you still have a few more seconds to throw everything you have at him in order to get him down that last few percent.

  2. Not sure if your doing this but you don’t have to fight Malganis first once you get there just bypass him to kill the timed boss to get you nice dragon mount then go open a can on Malganis. Unless its been changed I got my a long time ago (read pre patch) and havent been back.

  3. Amusingly enough, I also got Greedy and Needy on the same day (though not in the same dungeon) on my Druid.

    For the timed event I will shift to cat form and Dash to the timed boss once we get passed the last group in the gauntlet. One fairy fire and I turn tail back towards the tank. I do this even if I’m the healer – which is kind of dangerous should he ever catch up to me. 🙂

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