NOTF: Power Auras Fan Update

pvw26900_detail Quick note. Power Auras has had a fan update. If you use the addon Power Auras.. and have issues where you need an aura to be active only in ONE of your specs, this update is for you. I’m finding it hugely useful on my pally (holy/prot) and on my ‘lock (affliction/hybrid:felguard emberstorm) just to watch the procs that are particular to each spec.

If you don’t use Power Auras.. you really should.
Power Auras
More Power Auras
Warlockery: what was, what is, and what will be (The movie at the bottom show off my Power Auras as they go off)(An audible ‘ding’ when haunt is ready, a blue parenthesis when I need to life tap, and a purple-ish parenthesis when Nightfall procs)


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