Baby hunter go “RAWR!!”

As mentioned, my “baby” hunter finally is of the level to hit Outlands. She has essentially skipped over most of the levels from 50-58 (speedy holiday leveling ftw) so she kind of whizzed right by 55 where she could have spec’d deep BM for the exotic pet.


Hot, Hot, Hot

Over the weekend I completed Midsummer Festival on my main (she’s one holiday away from a Violet Proto-drake)(assuming they don’t throw a new “Pilgrim” holiday into the requirements). I also completed the honor/desecrate circuit on my baby druid and hunter. Outside of the cities, my 80 ‘lock was attacked twice by hordies. I -get- that it’s a pvp-esque event and…

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Almost Tangential

I was reading this article** and noted that they said that “More than 200 million people—about one-fifth of all Internet users—have Facebook accounts.” which is interesting and all.. but then I did the maths. If: 200 million facebook users = 1/5 of all the Intarwebz users… then 11 million World of Warcraft players ~= 1/100 of all the Intarwebz uers.…

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Addon: Power Auras Revisit

The addon Power Auras helps you to notice when things happen. It will show a symbol (or text) on your screen/make a sound when you/your party/your opponent/your focus does/does not have a buff/debuff. There’s about 50 symbols included or you can add your own.. they can be colored, stretched, flipped, scaled and positioned wherever you want them on the screen.…

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“You’re doing it wrong”

Don’t get me wrong.. I love feedback. I savor it and look back on it and get a warm fuzzy feeling (somebody “loves” me and values my content) but I don’t always agree with the feedback. I still kind of want to snuggle them and whisper sweet nothings in their ears.


“GC Promised Me A Pony” and other QQ

Pallies: “Don’t nerf me bro.” GC: “Here, have a pony” Pallies: “GC Promised me a pony” See pony (and other “cool stuff coming in 3.2”.) here: If I were a betting woman I’d say 3.2 will appear maybe a week before Blizzcon. See also more about the “improved” Squire: (link) • An Upgraded Squire: As any good squire should, this upgraded…

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Naked Progressive Run

This is what happens when my guild is bored.  We get.. un-bored. There’s -always- something to do. 😀  Next time we’re going to make it a “drunk naked progressive run”.