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Life Tap + Pet Attack Macro

Woot! So it turns out I can add life tap to my pet attack macro.

Pet Attack:

/target [help] targettarget
/petattack [target=pettarget,noexists] target
/cast [nochanneling] life tap(rank 1)
/stopmacro [target=pettarget,noexists]

If my target is friendly to me (ie, the tank) use my target’s target and ..
If I’m not currently channeling another spell, Life tap (rank 1) (because I have the Life Tap glyph) and …
…If I have a target and my pet currently isn’t attacking anything, send my pet to attack my target.
…If I have a target and my pet -is- attacking something, call my pet back to my side.

Paraphrased: hit once to have pet attack, hit again to call pet back to you.

[Edited to add: minor tweak made to above so that the Life Tap doesn’t interrupte me if I’m doing a channeled spell]

I’ve update this on my warlock macro page.

6 thoughts on “Life Tap + Pet Attack Macro

  1. Love it! Now how do you call this macro? I’ve become so accustomed to simply hitting CTRL+1 and then 1 to fire off my petattack/COA cast in roughly the same keystroke, that I would have to relearn my fingers.

    Would mapping the macro to CTRL+1 work?

  2. Create this macro in the macro interface. Then drag it down to a button bar. Then keybind that button (look in the keybind menu (Esc+keybind button)). You can change it so that CTRL+1 is bound to this button instead of your pet menu.

    In my case this button is bound to 5.

  3. Oh thank you…
    I added this macro to my action bar a few moments ago.

    Deimonias last blog post..Chillin’ with my Blade; DeathChill cloak & Titansteel Spellblade

  4. Since we have only a limited amount of spots in the class specific macro page I took your macro and added a few things so it could work for my spec 2 as well.

    -Right Click is a highest rank Life Tap for when you really need it.
    -Casts Dark Pact for my spec:2 if my felhunter is out OR it works as a rank 1 life tap.

    #showtooltip Life Tap
    /target [help] targettarget
    /petattack [target=pettarget,noexists] target
    /cast [nochanneling,btn:2]Life Tap
    /cast [nochanneling,pet:felhunter]Dark Pact;[nochanneling]Life Tap(rank 1)
    /stopmacro [target=pettarget,noexists]

    (255 characters used)

    Note: It will always show Life Tap Rank 8 which doesn’t really matter to me since I know what the macro can do.

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