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Razorscale, all together now

razor Last night I had the opportunity to run Uld-25 on my Warlock, Lilac, with our shiny new guild Alliance**. We went into an already-started Uld-25 and made a bunch of attempts on Razorscale. I had to leave early (recorded TNB Ep 47 with Honor of Honor’s Code)(it should be available for download on Tue/Wed) but even before I left we were having problems.

Questions (for all of you who know): In Uld-25 Razorscale, do you have your tanks pull all the adds together so you can AOE one big pack down.. or do you tank them in 2-3 separate groups?
When Razorscale lands, do you have your tanks pull the adds to under Razorscale so AOE can continue and include the adds and Razorscale?
Is there some reason you shouldn’t?

I believe that as long as you pull the very tall Sentinal guys out.. and single-target them down.. that your best bet (as long as healing can keep up) would be to pull all the rest of the adds into one big mosh pit of baddies for AOEing AND I think that having that mosh pit right under Razorscale would mean that when Razorscale is down your DPS can AOE the add packs down AND hit Razorscale at the same time.

BUT I wasn’t running the raid.. so my opinion isn’t all that important. In fact since it seemed like someone from the other guild was running the raid I kind totally kept my opinion to myself.***

I again observed a Doomguard just kind of standing around in the blue flame clouds. I reminded the warlock who summoned the Doomguard that the pet needed to be on passive and he said it -was- on Passive.. so not sure what was going on there. Since I was rocking the Destro build I skipped summoning my Doomguard. The Imp didn’t seem to have that same problem.

For last night I tried out my Deep Destruction build (0/13/58) and used Rain of Fire for my AOE. At the end of the night I think I came out as #1 or #2 warlock in the run. That said, warlocks were -WAY- behind rogues and Deathknights. It’s not a bad spec.. but my fingers definately don’t remember what to do with it. Everytime I have to remind myself which button to push next. I think in the end I came in at ~2.5k dps.. which is higher than the 1.9k from last week’s Uld-10.. but much lower than where I want to be.

At the very least I hope the other casters and healers got good use out of the Replenishment I was dishing.

**We have setup a guild alliance with the Guild Art of War. They’re an “East Coast” guild.. I’m a West Coast gal. Alot of the runs we’re setting up start -WAY- before I get home. We’ll see how that works out.

***It’s weird to run with another established group. They don’t know me.. I don’t get their jokes.. and I keep feeling like they think I’m that Country Bumpkin Cousin their parents foisted off on them for a trip to the movies. I don’t love them.. and I’m not finding their quirks “endearing”. Maybe I’m just crochety in my old age.

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  1. Our method for Razorscale involves splitting into three groups. ‘North’, ‘South’ and ‘Whirlwind Minder’. The north and south tanks pick up all the little and medium sized dudes, the fellow in the middle will pull out the big whirlwind fellows. Melee DPS focus down the mana-using chain-lightning casting fellows, then the others. Ranged DPS focus down the whirlwind fellows. We split melee into north/south groups.

    When Razorscale is down, we pull the pack of adds to the FRONT of Razorscale. Apparently, the damage she does to the turrets will also be done to the adds? I can’t verify that, but that’s what we do, pull ’em to the front of Razorscale.

    When Razorscale is finally down, tank her in a circle. If you go back and forth, a lot of the time you’ll catch melee and healers in her breath. If you go in one big circle, melee can stand on the inside, ranged and healers are in the middle, and you don’t have any problems.

    Kikidass last blog post..For the Alliance

  2. Kikidas answered the question regarding position quite well. We utilize the same strategy with the raid split in two groups for North and South duty and a 3rd tank who does nothing but pick up the big guy.

    Here’s where we differ though. The north and south groups do their best to stay away from Razor. We don’t DPS her in the air.

    See those blue fireballs she spits out that scorches the ground? It’s been noticed that she’ll target the player that’s the closest to her and scorches their position.

    So this is where the 3rd tank comes in handy. In addition to picking up the big guy, he functions as a soak so that the blue fireball damage can be pseudo-targeted away from the raid. I’m fairly certain it still works. I haven’t seen any evidence to the contrary yet unless that was hotfixed recently.

    Matticuss last blog post..Announcing!

  3. We use a three tank strat as well, with tanks on left and right for the small guys, and middle tank to grab big guy + leakers. The adds typically come in waves, though, so we always bring them together for AoE (except for the big one, that’s single-target). We try to wait until most of the adds are dead/dying before activatingthe last turret. Once RS is down, tanks group at RS’s tail and dps RS; there’s usually enough time after she takes off to clean up whatever’s left. We’ve never tried the tank fire-soak thing….might have been handy pre-nerf, though.

    Also, pets do bug out on this fight frequently and go attack the FIRE. It’s funny

  4. first off, as a fellow warlock, i enjoy reading your blog and read it whenever i see a nifty little (1) next to mystic chicanery on my google reader.

    with that said – it’s not the adds that are the trickiest part of razorscale – it’s the avoiding of the AOE blue flames. granted, they’ve nerfed the blue flame to the ground since ulduar came out (back in the day if you stood even more than 1 second in the flames, you’re insta-gibbed, plate and squishies alike), it’s still a priority to avoid as it still hurts. pulling the mobs in one area and AOEing them down is a good suggestion, however, this leaves a lot of people open to getting owned by the blue flame. How we do it is we have an east and west group, and we tank in two parts. dps focuses on whirwind guys, until the big guys come out, and we single target those.

    i am in charge of running the harpoons, as, in my opinion, warlocks are the best job for this due to their summoning circles. before the fight starts i’ll drop a summoning circle in between two of the harpoons and when its’ time to pull the boss, i just port over and use the harpoons. since aggro isn’t an issue when razorscale isn’t permanently on the ground, i start dps right away – the rest of the raid dps’s ALL adds before starting on the boss.

    hope this helps!

  5. With all due respect, Neil, I disagree that you should dps the adds down before turning to Razor. You need to get her to 50% on the second turret phase, so ignore the adds, tank them away from the raid (to avoid the chain lightning). Only exception is the big dude (whirlwind guy), get him down first. I’d not pull the adds under Razor, cause that encourages AoE when you should be focusing strictly on her. Ignore the adds, get razor down. Once Razor is permanently grounded, ranged AoEs down the remaining adds while melee go on her.

    A tip: chain lightning hurts ALOT, so even though you don’t need the distance to be exact and all that, having range up (with DBM it’s /range) helps you see that you don’t have too many people close to you.

    This fight is a dps race and it’s really important that dps mind their place and don’t take too much (unnecessary) damage if you want to beat the enrage timer.

  6. I think everyone’s saying pretty much the same thing here. 🙂 So, the only thing I’ll add is that we’d use the harpoons when one of the Whirlwind guys wasn’t up… that’s pretty much our only requirement. The tanks can hold everybody else besides that punk.

    Leiandras last blog post..Basic Tank Hints: Defense

  7. I got to see the Razorscale fight for the first time Sunday with my new guild. It was explained during the fight why we do the tank groups is to avoid the chain lightning from the watchers. Apparently each target increases the damage in a bad way.

  8. We use a similar strat, we run 3 tanks, one on each side and then a 3rd who’s job it is to be closest to the boss while its in the air, thereby soaking the blue flame aoe. That tank also tanks sentinels, when sentinels are up all ranged take them out. We make sure not to pull the boss down to the ground if there is a sentinel up and we immediately turn and dps the boss as soon as its landed, just off tanking the adds until the boss goes up in the air again. When the boss lands permanently we turn our attention back to the adds and burn them, giving the tank ample time to pick up a good threat lead on the boss. The tanks kite the boss around that circle on the floor with everyone else staying in the middle of the circle and out of the front of the boss.

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