Robot pet FTW (redux)


Go here. Register on the site. Get a robot.

[Edited to add: Robots are now available. It does look like your account needs to be tied to a account. I plan to do that to mine tonight once I get home. On second reading.. I’m not entirely sure. My account isn’t tied to and I was able to “redeem” the pet. So not sure if one will be in the mail when I get home or not.

I -think- fuel will be available tomorrow. I believe you can use the pet w/o the fuel.. but they will only battle if you have the fuel. ]

2 thoughts on “Robot pet FTW (redux)

  1. I. Want. That. Pet!
    But apparently you can’t get it as an Europeian player. Which makes me want to smash my head through my monitor, as I’m awfully close to the 50 pet achievement. And well, robot pets are awsome.

    Consoleas last blog post.."Can’t you just pause it?"

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