Baby hunter go “RAWR!!”

noccAs mentioned, my “baby” hunter finally is of the level to hit Outlands. She has essentially skipped over most of the levels from 50-58 (speedy holiday leveling ftw) so she kind of whizzed right by 55 where she could have spec’d deep BM for the exotic pet.

Last night fiancee suggested that he would be open to leveling 58-80 on his Pally with my Hunter. So this is the part where I admit that I know warlocks.. and hunters are not warlocks.. and I throw myself on the mercies of my readers (and Grimr) and ask:
– Should she spec deep BM? Is there anything else in there that’s a “must have” for leveling as a hunter?
– If so, which exotic pet should I pick up? Is there a “must have” exotic pet? I’m sorely tempted by the white two-headed dog.. and a stompy stompy T-Rex.. but I’m looking for input.
– Should I hit up the AH and update her (horrible /facepalm OMG aweful) gear or just wait for the beginning quest items from Outland?

Yes, I know, yet another hunter… but she was easy to level.. and she’s of the right level to group with fiancee’s pally.. and my druid only hit 44.. so she’ll be a while before she hits this curve.

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  1. First you won\’t be able to pick up an exotic pet till you hit level 60 because it is the final BM talent which requires 51 points.

    Second for leveling purposes you are better going with a tanky pet which at 60 exotic means a worm. You could go with a cunning and pick up a silithid or wyrvnn. Personally I don\’t like the stompy dogs or devilsuar and the only exotic I ever picked up was the spirit beast.

    The extra pet talent points are still worth picking up but you really have to WANT a specific exotic pet. It really doesn\’t sound like you are that into any of them.

    As far as gear I usually pick up any cheap greens but don\’t go too overboard. Hunters have really good survivability and there are some nice upgrades including an xbow that you can pick up in the early BC quests.

    So for pets… pick up either one of the dps ones but I would strongly recommend picking up a tenacity pet to help with your survivability.

  2. Worms are fugly, until Northrend. And wait till the quest rewards. They’ll outgear whatever you’ve got pretty fast.

  3. I found Beast master spec, with or without the ultimate point, is the easiest way to level, as you won’t drag aggro off your pet as easily as you would in the other specs.

    As for pet, I didn’t get a tank pet, as I single target just about everything (guess that comes from not knowing any better) and I used a cat all the way to 80. I hear the devilsaur is the best dps of all the exotics, if you go that route.
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  4. No reason not to go deep BM. No real reason to take the 51 point talent and get the MM talents as you level either.

    Sure the extra pet talents are nice.

    You mentioned the pally helping. Ret/holy/prot?

    If Ret or Prot, the pally will prolly be tanking anyway. Choose a ferocity pet and watch the group burn through everything. Holy, pick they tanking pet, tenacity.

    Gorilla leveling is pretty much the way to go if soloing…well now it’s any tenacity pet, due to the round them up and kill them AOE style.

    Picking up Improved Mend (prolly one point only is needed for the remove curse/poison/etc) and make sure to get the Spirit Bond talent. It will help if your pet is tanking a lot and will help allow the pally to only have to heal themselves if they are just dps.

  5. If you are leveling with someone (and even if you aren’t, to be honest) you don’t need a tenacity pet. By all means, tame one, if you decide you absolutely must have that uber cute turtle (turtles are awesome), but otherwise, just tame something that “calls” to you.

    For example, one of my favourite pets, and one I just didn’t get to use enough, was a gorgeous snowy owl. Cunning pets in general, and owls especially, aren’t great for leveling, but she was such a beautiful pet I used her whenever I could.

    If you are really looking for the “best” pet, it would probably be a Devilsaur. That’ll kill things quick, and stomp all over your fiancee when you make it go big red, which will be good for a laugh.

    The exotic pet talent is great even without an exotic thanks to those four points – at 64, you’ll have as many pet talent points as a level 80 MM/SV Hunter would, so you get really powerful talents relatively early.
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  6. Bummer.. I really had it stuck in my head that I got an exotic pet at level 55. Hrmm… Ok, I guess 60’s only two more levels away.

    ATM I have a RFC armored boar and a green ravager (from Bloodmyst Isle). Funny enough, I had just gotten them both caught up with my hunter’s levels when I decided to do the fire festival thing. Hrm.. I’m pretty sure they’re both going to be stuck at like level 53.

    Ah well.

    Fiancee’s Pally is Ret. So I figure he’ll probably end up doing most of the tanking and I’ll be adding DPS so we can whizz through the levels.

    I -do- think I’ll go get the mail xp shoulders since fiancee’s pally has the XP shoulders.. but I think I’ll wait on the rest of the gear. Meh.. I really need to look at her gear before I can say that.. I just keep having this feeling she’s got really craptastic gear.. and I hate to be craptastic.

  7. Even if you do have craptastic gear for a while, it won’t last very long since you’re already in Outlands and not too far off from being in Northrend.

    I wouldn’t bother with too much of the BoA gear myself. Shoulders are always a nice addition, but they aren’t required and neither is any of the rest of it. With 3.2 I would probably suggest grabbing the BoA Chest piece as well for the bonus experience from that. The only other piece I would even consider at all would be a bow. The rest of your gear you can get from instances or quests and do just fine.
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  8. Well long term it still makes sense to pick up the BoA gear if you have extra badges floating around. After all they aren’t going anywhere so when the next expansion comes around you can use them again for leveling purposes.

    And no you don’t need a tenacity pet to level… you don’t really need a pet at all to level they just make it easier. Besides using thunderclap and volley to AOE packs of mobs down is a lot more fun then single targeting.
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  9. Ok so I have a level 40 hunter that is an herbalist inscriber, specced in BM. I got the first spirit beast in Auberdine. It isn’t technically a spirit beast, but I am all about the awesome look of my pets. I love my ghost saber, I am looking forward to getting Gondria,, when I get to that level. Devilsaurs are great at abilities, but they tend to get in the way when you group. Gorillas are real finicky eaters. If I am out of food for awhile I pick up old Mangeclaw, a very early bear from the Kharanos area. I renamed her Arielberserck. It is white like a polar bear should be, and she eats anything. As you can see I love my pets. I really like the purple ones. Sorry anyway, flappy pets, or big pets tend to get in the way when you group, but that isn’t a problem if there is only two of you. When you do dungeons you will want smaller ones.
    I have a good friend who got me into WoW who loves her Shattered Hand Warhound, You will find them in the very early stages of Hellfire. It does great damage and tanks fairly well. She is at 80 and it is still her main pet.

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