instance_portalI believe that the Cavern of Time instances are the most “believable” and require the least amount of suspended disbelief.

If WoW was real (don’t laugh.. if you laugh I can’t make my point).. then when I went into Utgarde Keep first of all it should be empty because I already cleared it.. but let’s assume the mobs did a ghost run and rezz’d back at their bodies. So here they are hum-de-dum two guys standing at the entrance. The MINUTE I zoned in they should jump me. Seriously. I killed them last week.. and I’m just about to kill them again.. if they were at all smart they’d totally jump me and whip up on me before the tank got into the instance. Instead they stand there.. and stare blankly ahead.

Not so in Caverns of Time. Culling of Strat for example. Every time I go in there I’ve been transported back in time to that exact same moment. Everything that is happening is new. It’s never happened before. It totally makes sense that Meathook would do the same strategy that failed last time.. because there was no last time. Thanks to the glory that is time travel… Meathook is experiencing this for the first time. CoT is like a glorious example of Groundhog’s Day.

So I guess for our sanity we could conceive that every instance is in fact an encapuslation of time. When we step across the shimmery threshold we are in fact transported slightly back in time to the time when the “instance” was encapsulated. So even though it’s now 6 months later in real time.. for the mobs inside the instance.. this is the first time ANYONE has ever come in there.

Ok.. I can be okay with that.

I mean I’m still a little tripped up about why we get different loot each time we run it.. and I’m a smidge perplexed why quest givers outside the time encapsulation would be effected by it and keep giving the same quests.. but .. oh well.. it is just a game. 😀

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  1. I agree and liked the post. It would be neat if Blizzard did more phasing in the world so when we do go back the changes stay unless we unlock it er something. I dunno I just love the phasing part of the game.
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  2. Definitely makes sense. A similar effect is that the old world is the past now – for example, Gryan Stoutmantle is still handing out Defias quests in Westfall, but in Northrend the Defias have been defeated and he’s now a captain in Grizzly Hills.

  3. I say that because the Infinite Dragonflight is interfering with time just by being there, that’s echoing down time to every point with major conflict. Since those are all instances or raids, the timeline gets confused, and so you can get different loot each time.

    Yes, I did try to solve everything with the time travel argument. 😛

  4. Nice, but…
    Each time you go into UK it’s at a point further forward in time from when you last went into it. Obviously that doesn’t explain the respawns and same tactics time and time again that you’ve mentioned, which was a good point!

    However, when you go into CoT instances, you’re going back in time to the SAME time as you were there last time… wouldn’t you already be there from the last time (and the time before that etc etc)?

  5. CoT are my favorite instances in the game! I like them so much I rarely try and eat Chromie anymore. The only flyer I ever use is my Bronze Drake because it makes me feel closer to my favorite dragon flight. From the first time I got to fight beside Thrall I was hooked. I have since done every instance in the Caverns as often as I get the chance to, would would love to see an Infinite Dragonflight centered expantion where instead of covering ground you cover time periods, phasing up and down through time putting right the things that have gone wrong. Lore centered instances at every turn, and a raid that feels more lore centered than Mt. Hijal(while a great battle it dosen’t expound on story much). This would be cool to epic degrees.

  6. Actually the CoT instances are no more believable than any other, in fact they make less sense than other ones. You’re forgetting that if you went back in time to an exact moment, cleared the instance, came back, then went back in time to that same moment for a second run, logically you and your previous group would be there too. So there would be another version of yourself the second time, two others the third time, etc.

  7. Why do you get different loot each time? That’s easy! The baddies are wearing the same stuff each time, but you get the loot that didn’t get destroyed in that specific fight.

  8. Heh. I remember expecting cookie to come after me immediately when zoning into the deadmines for the second time way back when and being a little miffed when it didn’t happen 🙂 wouldn’t be too hard really to add this to the game methinks…

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