Guild First: Ignis 10

West Kingdom (and two members from our guild alliance with Art of War) went into Ulduar-10 and took down a new boss. Finally we downed Ignis.
We were: Heimdal (Protection Paladin), Dudu (Protection Paladin), Muriden (AoW)(Resto Druid), Persephany (Priest), Paligor (Holy Paladin), Sibiy (SV Hunter), Odisia (Arcane Mage), Lilac (ME Affliction Warlock), Quall (AoW)(DPS DK), Drkrogue (Combat Rogue)

We actually had a very good night. We did Flame Leviathan+2, Razorscale, XT-002, Ignis and then went on to also down Kologarn.

dead_ignis_death_shotDowning Ignis gave us the achievement for the wing. I believe on the fight we had one death during the fight (battle rezzed) and then one death (MINE) directly after the boss died. It turns out.. if you’re in the slag pot when Ignis dies.. you continue to burn to death while everyone else is whooping and hollering about the boss’s death. Right after Ignis died I keying up Vent to say “Guys, I’m still on fire…” “Dying here.”… “Ok, dead” Which is kind of funny… now that I think of it.

After the raid I spent a very long time riffling through my bank (bursting at the seams) and filtering out redundant gear. In the middle of doing this fiancee asked if I was interested in going into VoA-25. I said sure and joined the raid. We had a little bit of a rough start (2 wipes) but got Emalon on the third try. He dropped the Warlock T8.5 legs which I won. This means Lilac is now rocking 2 pieces of T 8.25(legs and hands) even though she’s never downed a Tier dropping boss in Ulduar. Woot?

I don’t think of it as welfare epics since I was pulling my weight in VoA. I was #4 in over all dmg.. #2 on Archevon and #4 on Emalon. At 3.2k dps overall. Add to that, I spent most of the Archevon fight threat capped (druid tank). A 3 minute Soul Shatter cooldown can’t come soon enough. Though.. that was actually the first time in a long while that I was threat capped. Not sure if it was that tank specifically.. of if it is a “feature” of druid tanks.

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  1. Muriden is a resto druid. Sibiy is a survival hunter. Drkrogue is combat spec.

  2. Warlock Q&A is up. As a long-time Affliction Warlock who just dual-specced Demonology to give the raid some extra utility, I’m liking the boost to that spec’s damage, as it is low right now. The other very interesting note was the soul shard change.

  3. Gz on Ignis and tier items πŸ™‚

    It’s not a feature of druid tanks, they usually manage to build threat fine. So it must have been that particular tank.

    Oh, and the anti-spam word I got to write to assure your blog I’m not a machine? “TROLL”. That’s funny πŸ™‚
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  4. My guild hasn’t killed Ignis, hopefully we get him this weekend. Being an achievement junkie, I once announced on vent my wish to be placed in Ignis’ crotch for the achievement. In retrospect, saying that out loud wasn’t very wise. Oh well.

    Congrats on the loot! =)
    .-= Trina´s last blog ..It’s not you, it’s me. =-.

  5. The problem with Archevon and threat is he wipes it when he eats the tank… and offtanks are dumb and don’t taunt him before this happens (getting the threat difference, and being eaten).

    If they wait til after the main tank gets eaten, he’ll just end up at the threat of the highest dpser.
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  6. Grats. I’m at the point of switching servers and trying to get into a guild. I Hope soon I can also get this achievement πŸ™‚
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