tenacity_sucks Tenacity should make your character physically bigger. The bigger they are, the more Tenacity they have. Just sayin’.

Ok, I thought I was done.. and I hit publish.. but it turns out I have more to say.

-IF- the alliance could -ever- get Tenacity on Khaz Modan (my server) I’m practically cackling with glee at the idea of a gi-normous Lilac tromping across the field. “RAWR!!! I SMASH YOU LIKE BUGS!!”

SRSLY!! Attack of the 40 ft Blood Elf would so totally convince me to finish leveling my horde-side ‘lock.

I’m totally dying of laughing here.

3 thoughts on “Tenacity

  1. Well, it would be downright lilliputian to watch the inevitable fate of all who have tenacity on Destromath. Stunlocked and torn down by a rampaging horde. That\’s my only problem with tenacity. I might have more health and do more damage than your average five man boss, but the only thing that makes them difficult is that they can\’t be chain feared, sheeped, stunned, blinded, snared, feared again, blinded again, stunned, stunned a third time, turned into a penguin, and eventually killed. Some sort of resistance to cc would be nice. I\’dmuch rather see it as something like a pluss 100 resiliance per stack deal.

  2. Spam filter word “orly”.

    Anyways, I don’t often read your blog, but then I noticed that you play Alliance side on my server of Khaz Modan and I had to agree; the Alliance never gets Tenacity in WG. It would be nice to be on the outnumbering side someday.

    Good luck with your endeavors!

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