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fake-orgasms-demotivational-poster-1234911437I spotted a comment on Blessing of Kings:

[in part, Kris wrote:]
…its impossible to do a 25 man Naxx pug if they all require you to be 25 man Naxx geared in the first place. Seems odd to me.

[in part, periodic responded:]
…Having an achievement faking addon helps sometimes too.

I gaped at that for a while. Maybe I’m just naive.. but it never occured to me that someone might want to fake an achievement.

Turns out that there is an addon for that. I’m still kind of boggled by it.

Though.. it kind of makes sense. I was fiddling around with my Pally while in /lfg for a Naxx-10 (I was kinda bored) when I got an invite for an “Undying run”. I’m nervous about an in-guild “Undying” run.. but this guy was confident they could do it in a pug. Srsly.**

-If- I’d been gong-ho to get into the group I could have whispered the leader and linked achievements to convince him to invite me.. as it was, they were kind of desparate for an off-tank. Later on, in vent the guy forming the group confided that my Pally would make an excellent off-tank because “she has the T8-25 legs”.

UM yeah.. Tatia has T8-25 legs because they dropped.. in the Emalon fight.. while she was healing. The rest of her gear is blues and purples but my rotation is mostly crap. I barely know which buttons to press when tanking. It always feels like I’m on the edge of losing it.

So my T8-25 legs were kind of like a fake achievement. Except that I did actually earn them.. and I -had- done the work.

Anyway, it has never even occurred to me to link fake achievements.. The thought never crossed my mind. If I don’t have them then.. either I’m not good enough to get them.. and I shouldn’t be linking fake ones.. or they’re easy.. and I should get them already.

I just.. .. I don’t get it.

**The “Undying Pug” cleared Spider Wing and then made it to Gluth on Construct wing. A kiter died to zombie chow. I did come out of it with a T7 token piece.. and an Abyss Crystal.. so not -all- bad.

9 thoughts on “Faking It

  1. A friend and I discovered a while back how to spoof achievements; like every other link in WoW (items, spells, tradeskills, etc) it’s just a lot of special text. The only thing that’s different about achievements is you have to insert your GUID into the link, and most people don’t even know what one is, much less how to find theirs. I have never used it to get into a raid but we have had a blast linking “Ambassador of the Alliance” with yesterday’s date in Orgrimmar!
    .-= Brandon Tilley´s last blog ..Problems with Dual Specs and Action Bars =-.

  2. Okay… that’s funny. I can see so many uses for this, and most of them would simply be for fun with my own guild… or when leveling an alt. lol. I’m not sure I’d care to use it to get in Uber raid… but it might be fun anyway. BUT… if I felt that I knew enough about the raid, I might do it. lol.

  3. I understand the achievement system when using it to form a group… but I don’t like it. I mean I have 5 level 80’s and they haven’t all cleared Naxx 10… but most of them have. My alts are all geared for Naxx 10 through BoE and heroic drops but all the groups are looking for achievements. /sigh

    Do I have to switch to my shaman and link the antechamber clear just so my hunter can join a Naxx 25?

    Of course I remember when I got kicked out of a Kara group because they did an armory of me and my healing power was low… they neglected to notice that it was PvP gear and that the gear I was wearing RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM was straight healing gear with around 400 more healing.

    Ah well pugs will be pugs I suppose…
    .-= Whats my main again?´s last blog ..Player Liability =-.

  4. Goodness, lying is getting more complicated.

    It used to be you could just say you’ve done this or that, but there wasn’t much in the way of proof.

    Although, how does one explain linking a fake achievement and then actually getting it while with said pug? Now that’s a conversation I’d love to overhear!
    .-= Syrana´s last blog ..I Needsta Reroll, Yo =-.

  5. Even though I agree this behavior is ridiculous, I can understand the motivation. When you’re trying to clear content with people whom you are unfamiliar playing with, the knowledge that a player has at least completed it once is somewhat reassuring. Imagine a fight like Rezavious in a heroic pug with two priests who had never been to Naxx before? All it takes is for one of them to miss their taunt (or literally to miss it because it gets resisted) and the top 3-4 dps get one shotted. Or perhaps Thaddius with someone who just dinged 80, hasn’t raided before and doesn’t have useful addons like DBM or BigWigs? I would love it if the game made forming pugs and working through encounters less painful (ie by large changes to raid ids/lockouts and a more helpful LFG functionality). However, I only have a limited amount of time that I’m willing to devote to the game and I want to utilize that time as best as possible. Thankfully I raid almost exclusively with my guild, but I can empathize with others who don’t have that luxury but still want a similar raiding experience.
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  6. On a lot of servers, it’s impossible to get into a Malygos PUG without having done him before, and a lot of guilds just don’t run him now that there’s no bonus outside random loot. So to get into the rare Malygos PUG, I could see why you would want to fake your achievements.

  7. I have had this problem as well. I am a healer and usually don’t have a problem getting invited, but I just dinged 80 as my guild broke up with most of the raiders leaving. This meant not only was I back benched, but there wasn’t even a bench anymore. Now everyone wants to know that someone has done it before they will let them in. So unless I heal no T7 for you. I usually don’t have a problem getting into pugs as a healer though.

  8. Achievements ruined WoW for me… To be honest, I grew so irritated about people being obsessed with them. And I’m certainly shocked about an addon that can fake it.. I’ll bet you that it’ll be “fixed” eventually.
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