Whinging about pugs

bart-simpson-eat-my-shortsI figure any VoA pug, especially a 25-man pug has ~3 wipes before it’ll go through. My warlock is off-and-on attempting to get the PVP head piece which would -still- be an upgrade (even though she does now have a purple head piece). So occasionally, when I notice Wintergrasp is about to start I will pop in.

Afterwards I’ll stick around if I’m not saved and try to get into a VoA. Well after spending 2.5 seconds thinking about it, it occurred to me that my warlock has already gotten the two tier pieces she wants off of Emalon.. and really, I should be running VoA on Tatia, my Pally. So after I got into the raid and the raid leader was calling for healers, I volunteered to switch over and heal on my Pally.

I wish there was some kind of requirements for someone to form up the raid. AND I wish there was more communication about roles. When determining who would tank the raid leader seems to have randomly picked Death Knights and nominated them to the tanking role. That’s all well-and-good.. except that I happen to know that a couple of the other toons in the run were better geared tanks than the toons chosen. So.. Raid Leader happened to have randomly chosen a guildie DK to be the MT for Emalon. Guildie DK had never seen the Emalon fight.. and although he’s well geared through Naxx-10 I think he’s still a little short of Naxx-25/Ulduar gear.

Pull 1: DK guildie (who doesn’t know the fight) runs forward and pulls everything. He is then IMMEDIATELY smashed dead. I didn’t have enough time to get a single heal off. He had no bubble, he had no hots.. just SMOOSH dead. Boss at ~97%. Wipe #1.

DPS-Tard #3 askes: What happened?
DPS-Tard #4 replies: Healers suck. {and then links heal meters}
DPS-Tard #3 replies: Oh, yeah, they suck.
I make mental note that DPS-Tard #3 and #4 don’t need any healing.

Pull 2: DK guildie (who doesn’t know the fight) follows the Add tank in (proper pull yeah) and then pulls boss to his side. DPSers are standing WAY too close together and get zorted by lightening (those left standing are at low health)(time spent healing the too-close-together DPS-Tards). Add runs amok and beats on random raid members (time spent healing randomly beat upon raid members). DK guildie tank gets two-shotted because I (and other healers) were busy healing other raid members. Boss at ~20%. Wipe #2.

DPS-Tard #3 asks: What happened? It’s not the dps.
DPS-Tard #4 says: No, it’s definately not the DPS. Healers suck. {and then links heal meters}
Healer-Tard #2 replies: Only some of us suck. My healing target lived.
I (starting to lose my calm) reply: DPS got zorted by lightening and loose add pulled healing away from the tank.
Random healing Shammy whispers me and tells me to only heal the Main Tank. Don’t heal anyone else.

OK, I get that Pallies are good at single target healing.. and I get that I need to focus on my tank target. BUT SERIOUSLY!! I spec’d into Beacon of light so that I could heal twice as much in the same amount of time. But OK butt-head. Not problem. You tell me how to heal. I -LOVE- that from a shammy. Gets me all warm and gooey. You obviously have total understanding of my class.. what was -I- thinking. Yeah.. ok I was starting to get a little pissy.

Pull 3: OK FINE. I have one target. If you’re not my healing target you don’t exist. On this pull the “raid leader” decided that randomly chosen to tank DK Guildie should dps instead and another tank was nominated to MT. OT runs in an pulls, new MT runs in and gets the boss. Random DPS-Tards get zapped with lightening. Aside from moving away from them I ignored them. Add tank goes down (I like to think it’s because I wasn’t helping with healing him.. but that’s just me being pissy). My healing target lived. In fact while the adds trunddled around the room and one-shotted people. My target lived. Whoo hoo! I’m #1 on the heal meters go me.. I win at the meters.. Heal meters suck. Wipe #3.

DPS-Tard #3: What happened? I got smashed by adds?
DPS-Tard #4: Tanks suck, heals suck, I am uber, you should all revel in my mere presence. I AM A GOD!!! (I could be remembering wrong.. I was kind of pissed off at the time and was seeing RED and figured it was a /failraid)
{3/4 of the raid drops raid}
I … well I typed alot of things I shouldn’t have.. and used words I won’t repeat here.. and called everyone everything but a “son of God”.

/drop raid
/form guildie VoA-10. Smash bosses the way they’re supposed to be smashed. (btw: guildie DK off-tanked the adds. No problems)
/win Wintergrasp again in 3-hours.
/form new VoA-25 pug raid. Smash bosses on second try.

Asshat puggers can eat my shorts.

8 thoughts on “Whinging about pugs

  1. Grats! on still trying VOA. Currently I am 0:4 on PUGs into VOA. 4 attempts, each with multiple wipes. Still have not dropped Emalon once.

  2. I, err, I hope they choke on your shorts.

    They all sound like an amazing bunch of tards.

    I particularly hate ignorant blame throwing. Usually the guy saying loudly that either the healing or the tanking sucks is the guy who doesn’t have a clue.

    Sounds like events after /drop raid made up for it though 🙂
    .-= Tamarind´s last blog ..The Dwarven Gentlemen’s Club is now recruiting! =-.

  3. That sounds terrible.

    Luckily, these problems seem to come once in a blue moon for me and if we don’t one-shot Emalon, it’s down on the second try.

  4. Most funny blog post read all day. It made mine.

    Yes Pugging can be like being in the Twilight Zone of WoW to say the least. What is amazing is the snapshot you get of what actually happens on your server or anyone elses server in how people are playing.

    That aside their is no current qualification to be a RL in a Pug or putting one together. /random guy in greens and blues can decide to start a vault raid and go invite everyone else who has better gear than he does happens real often. He gets more geared players in the raid to help him gets gear drops if the raid succeeds.

    Its also funny of the DPS Tards. This just dont happen in Vault it happens allot in Pugs. When something happen unexpected few people even know what happened or have a good idea what happened. But some tard usually being a tard would just throw out /random comment of how someone else or everyone else other than him sucked.

    I think it would always be helpful to ask: “Any you Tanks tanked Emalon Before? or Successfully?” that way you know who to assign where if possible. Instead of assigning /random guy to tank and he never seen the boss before.

    But the experience you get in Pug can make you laugh or feel anguish for a lifetime. The good thing is you get the experience and can put it up on your blog in your case and show case it as a lesson in how not to fail in a Pug.

    Often its more fun to read as well. vs Hey we one shot Emalon and all the other bosses Zomg we awesome. Sounds boring. More fun to read about that Tard pug guy! Why because we all know they exist and want to know what level of stupidity they are at now so we can know when we see it.

  5. Were there healing assignments delegated before the fight? I’ve never played a healer, but if I were leading the raid, I would designate a healing lead and every healer would have an assignment – and would report that assignment in raid chat – before I ever started the pull. Joining a pug you won’t have that luxury automatically but you could insist on healers having assignments. If the raid leader won’t listen to the suggestion then take your flash heal, and your beacon, and go home.
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  6. Yeah, not so much. Healing assignments were “Ok, XXX is MT, YYY is OT. Heal them. Go.”

    Yeah.. pugs suck.

  7. There are days that I don’t care if I never see the inside of another raid instance again, I will NOT pug again! And this sort of pug is exactly why.

    I keep losing my resolve though. Usually some random guildie looks at me with big puppy dawg eyes and … well, I’m a sucker, that’s all.
    .-= Grimmtooth´s last blog ..Mysterious are the ways =-.

  8. I have yet to see this boss through with a pug. I’ve done guild runs to both the 10 and 25 man version, but no pug I’ve ever been in has had it together enough to down this guy.

    I’m sure they exist, but they are a rare beast.

    And yes, the healers are always blamed for the DPS’s mistakes.

    “Rain of what now? Move out the void what? What did he say about standing ten yards apart?”
    .-= Niadyth´s last blog ..Talent Twiddling =-.

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