Wintergrasp Open Battleground

From official forums via MMO-Champion:

Players that queue for the Wintergrasp battle and are selected to join will be placed into raid groups upon entering the zone. These raid groups will function similarly to the battleground raid groups with a few exceptions. Players can leave it at any time, the leader can issue invites, etc. The only restriction is that if a player leaves Wintergrasp while the battle is active, they will be removed from the raid (to make room for the player that will take their place).

So.. all that’s missing is that when you queue … the defenders all zone into the fortress (which is locked and no one can get out) and the attackers all zone in at one of the towers (also similarly locked).. and you get a 10 second warning that the gates are about to open.. then the gates burst open.. and everyone runs out.. passes each other in mid field (where they grab tanks) and then the “defenders” stream down and smush the towers.. and the attackers all stream up and attack the fortress.. and um.. wait.. we need a new Drek.. something for us to get distracted with in mid field. I know.. ADD A FLAG!!! YESSS!!! Or..wait wait.. I know if you kill enough elementals DURING THE BATTLE you can get Archevon and Emalon and Konanigon to spawn and defend your side.

The new Wintergrasp Battleground. Totally the same as everything else. 😐

2 thoughts on “Wintergrasp Open Battleground

  1. I was looking through the PvP achievements for wintergrasp and I noticed that there is one for winning wintergrasp with tenacity… on my server that is impossible because Alliance outnumbers horde. I wonder if with this new version of wintergrasp if you can even get stacks of tenacity… and if not are they going to change the achievement?

    Also it mentioned the leader being able to invite people. Does that mean the leader can kick everyone in the raid and invite their premade group into wintergrasp?
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  2. I agree the new Wintergrasp sounds like it has some problems even before it goes live. One thing I don’t like about it is getting removed from the zone if you are not in a raid group. There is a daily fishing quest that takes you in there, are you going to be removed half way through that if a battle starts?

    The flag is a good idea too, there are not enough distractions in Wintergrasp so people tend to mill around. The flag in EoS is what Galv is to AV, something to distract the stupid from the real objectives. I don’t know how many times I have been in EoS only to have 10 or more people come off the rock and go right to the flag at the start. The battleground achievements aren’t helping either, people are more concerned with getting their achievements done than winning.

    What Blizzard should be focusing on is the number of AFK in the battlegrounds. They have been ‘working’ on this problem for a couple years now and it is just as bad as it ever was.

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