In Jong We Trust

jongHe went away.. and I was sad because… well first because he was gone.. and second because I’d never mentioned him to you (my dear friends and readers).

Then he came back.. and I won’t make the same mistake twice.

Go read and discover the treasure that is Jong. He makes me LOL.. long time.

LOL Gems like:

[wrt healing priority list]
The list generally goes like this: 1) MT; 2) OT; 3) The dopest dps in the raid (that’s me)… 23) Hunter’s Cat; 24) Baby Blizzard Bear; and 25) self-delusional dps who yells l2 heal me.


[wrt BloodKnight Unified Code of Conduct]
My buddy Allidoisheal is a paladin. I can’t remember what spec he is, but he’s a belf palaidin like me. He ran over and stood next to me specifically to demonstrate our stunning similarity and combined douche-baggery. The really sad part is, he wasn’t trying to be funny when he told me he changed his hair to match his gear. He was actually attempting to make a conversation and was seeking my input on his newly frosted hair tip.


[wrt the sucks beyond words grabby-stabby Hodir quest]
I remember doing the flying mouth-stabbing quest for the first time. After I died twice, I was pissed. I took my shirt off—this puts me in the hero mode—and got up from the seat. I started the quest again standing up, shirt off and 100% focused. Let’s DO THIS! … I died again.

Today, that wyrm can’t even touch me. I think I might try doing the quest with my toes just so I can say I can do it with my toes.

Thanks Jong. We missed you.

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