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I’m back. Bet you didn’t even miss me 🙂 Well.. I left filler posts while I was gone. Hodir hints.. and all about Jong. But I’m back now.

I want to write.. I have the urge.. unfortunately I’ve spent all of 5 minutes in game since I got back. So you get vaguely Wow-related content. I guess it’s better than nothing.

Where was I? Oh.. Well.. a few months ago my Mom called.

Mom: So are you and Marc [aka: fiancee] ever going to visit during the summer?
Me: Yeah.. eventually probably (or something else suitably vague).
Mom: Ok. Your father really thinks you should come visit so I’ve deposited $500 into your account. I checked and if you fly out from a Wednesday to a Wednesday it should be right around $250 per person. Your Grandmother’s birthday is July 24th. Let us know when we should pick up up from the airport.

So it was that we ended up heading off to visit my family in Montana for a week.

Neverdone Farm HouseMy parents live on a 47 acre farm that’s about an hour outside of Billings (which is about 2 hours away from Yellowstone Park). The farm is named “Neverdone“. It has 15 acres along the Yellowstone river (their property line is actually the center of the river). They’ve been building a beautiful 3-story Queen Anne Victorian for the last 10 years. Someday I will get married on this farm. Yeah, it’s rough.

Day 1: Visited Pompey’s Pillar. This is about 6 miles from Parent’s house. On their way back to Washington Clark (of the Lewis and Clark Expedition) stopped here and signed his name on the rock. The signature is still there… covered in glass. AFAIK it’s the only physical evidence of the L&C Expedition.
Day 2: Drive to Redlodge and take the Bear Tooth Highway into Yellowstone Park. Mom thinks this is the “best entrance” to the park. I prefer the Cody entrance. Swing north and visited Mammoth Hotsprings and went down the western side of the Park ending up at Old Faithful Lodge.lodge Mom knows the direct number to make room reservations.. so we didn’t have to make the reservation a year in advance. The Lodge is very very cool. It’s a ~7 story building made all of logs. The lobby is open all 7 floors.
Day 3: Visit the park eventually exit out the Cody entrance. Saw a (pretty lame) gun fight in front of the Irma (restaurant/hotel) in Cody. The kids liked it.. but.. meh. Dinner at the Irma followed by a night at the Cody Rodeo. The rodeo was very good. We really enjoyed ourselves.
Day 4: Family day. Group birthday party for everyone.
Day 5: Relaxing. Fishing in the Yellowstone River.
Day 6: Relaxing. Fishing in the Yellowstone River. Saw the new Harry Potter movie.. I really hope the book was better. Meh.

Wow-related lessons learned:
– The “Allergies” debuff in Underbog was cute. The “Allergies” debuff in Montana kicked my ass. Clartin > allergies.
– Yellowstone Park is way cooler than Borean Tundra.
– Fishing in the Yellowstone River is cool.. but I think my fishing skill is way too low for the area.. I caught nothing but weeds, sticks and “your fish got away”.
– While I -did- have the buff “Sunblock” and “Deet” I still came way with the debuffs “Sunburned” and “Mosquito Bite”. I don’t think I’ll die of West Nile virus but I may just scratch my skin off.

5 thoughts on “Big Sky Country

  1. Having driven through Big Sky Country a few times, I must say Montana vistas are quite beautiful. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to make it to Yellowstone (although my wife and her mom visited there a couple years ago; maybe next spring/summer).

  2. Looks absolutely beautiful there and I really love the house! You should have taken some underbelly elixir to help with your fishing!…. though i’m not quite sure what that would do to you IRL.

    And yes… the book was way better then the movie…
    .-= Whats my main again?´s last blog .."You’re right." =-.

  3. Your parents’ house is beautiful.

    I was in Yellowstone the year before the huge fires and the year after. I was, like, 15 the last time. It’s been a loooong time. My whole family is talking about trying to go back. It’s a long way from Ohio though. But whenever someone says “picture a safe beautiful quiet place in your mind”….I always picture a trail out of one of the thermal features, where we were on a hill covered in yellow flowers. It was so serene.

    No comment on the Harry Potter movie. I own the book but haven’t read it yet. Husband can’t get me to go see the movie. I’ve never seen any of the HP movies.

    Welcome back. 🙂
    .-= EvilElleon´s last blog ..And Then… =-.

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  5. 🙂

    Underbelly elixir, yes (pictures of you as a kaluk (sp?) IRL!!) and if you have the recipe, plenty of Captain Rumsey’s Lager for the +10 fishing buff.
    .-= Elkagorasa´s last blog ..What’s so gooey. =-.

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