Summer can suck it

thunder_stormIt’s the middle of summer and the patch rumbles in the distance like a lazy summer thunderstorm. It threatens all your skills, talents, addons, innovations. It’s all up in the air.. any day now the game will change completely.. and you just can’t bring yourself to spend time on something that could go poof like smoke.

So you wait.. you do dailies.. you re-arrange your bank. You farm up that 50th pet. But it’s not business as usual.. because business isn’t usual… we’re at that spot where everyone has battend the hatches and is cowering in the basement.. and is waiting for the roof to fly off.. or cows to fly through the air.. or.. for the sirens to sound the all clear.

It’s damned annoying if you ask me.
I’ve got things to do besides cower in the damn basement. Damn inconsiderate Blizzard.

Thank God for Blizzcon.