Nib’s Post-Patch To-Do List


  • (Done) Finish the Oracle/Wolvar orphan quest. No telling how long these quests will be around and I’d hate to miss getting the orphan. I’ve finished this on Lilac my Warlock.. I’m tempted to finish it on Tatia my Paladin.. but really Lilac is the only toon where I’ve tried to get as many mounts/pets as possible. I may just call it good.
  • (Done) Get the new slow-mount from Darnassus. I’m disappointed that it’s slow.. but it’s yet-another-mount in my stables. This is done on Lilac.
  • (Done) Get new black raptor baby pet from pet store in Dalaran. I realized I’d never been to the Dalaran pet store and spent about 20 minutes looking for it :P. As you’re leaving the fight pad, it’s the first store on the right. Anyway the baby raptor is uber cute. I may need to go farm up some more of them.
  • (Done) Update Life Tap macro to include the cast of Lifeblood. Done and updated my macro page. !!!
  • (In Progress) Log into lowbie toons and get their mounts. I have a Horde-side Warlocks and Pally and an alliance-side Druid who can get new epic mounts.
  • (In Progress) Get new mounted slave child. I’m terribly short on these Champion badges. So back to doing Tournament dailies for me. Lilac is working on her last faction.. Tatia is almost ready to start working on her first faction. They updated the daily quests with the patch. You need to kill different mobs now.. and now it requires you to kill 3 Commanders (I think it was only one before). High PITA but a smidge more interesting than before.
  • (Pending) Log into baby druid and confirm I can be ok with her new colored pelt as bear/cat or go visit a barber to try out different colors. I haven’t been on my baby druid since the patch happened.. so no progress on this yet.
  • (In progress) Farm the new regular 5-man dungeon for new shiny trinket Abyssal Rune on my Warlock. Srsly nice trinket for a regular 5-man drop.
  • (Pending) Update loot lists with 3.2 added loot. No time yet to work on this. As soon as I do this I need to identify which items I’m after for badge upgrades.
  • (Pending) Get BoA +10% chest piece for baby mage.. and play her to a decent level. No time yet to play mage.. but it’s on my to-do list.

2 thoughts on “Nib’s Post-Patch To-Do List

  1. I think that mount was Blizz’s way of balancing out the Winterspring Frostsabre mount. I suppose it all equals out. Anyway, I added “farm Raptor boss in ZG” to my weekly To-Do list. I can solo that boss on my warlock.. I just can’t quite get the tiger boss.

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