Blizzcon Blitz

OMG, it’s nearly Blizzcon. 8 days and counting. I’m super excited. Here’s what I wrote last year with this years comments added in red:

What I learned at Blizzcon

In no particular order:
– Wear comfortable shoes.
Shoes, check.

– Carry a bottle of water. Water is expensive at the con and LA water tastes nasty.
Water, check.

– Take a jacket. It’s amazingly cold at blizzcon. I was half tempted to take and post pictures of the AMD “Ruby” model. According to Ruby (who doesn’t wear a bra) it’s really -cold- at Blizzcon. Funny how that could be with hanging out in only a scrap of spandex.
Jacket, check. Though.. last year the con was in October.. and this year it’s in August.. I’m not sure how cold it will actually be.

– Con food sucks.. and you wait a really long time in line to get it. The best meal I had a Blizzcon was actually from “The Tangerine” the hotel restaurant at the Annabella, hotel down the street from the Convetion Center. Blue Cheese + carmelized onions on a steak sandwich is yummy.
Protein source in my bag (I’m thinking meat sticks.. maybe nuts), check.

– Though.. the con carmel apples were divine!
Carmel Apples, on the to-do list.

– When you’re at dinner.. and you see a rat.. and you’re -really- tired.. you tend to make alot of jokes about Micky having escaped from the park across the street (we were on the patio) instead of freaking out about seeing a rat.
Um.. Reservations for Disneyland, Check. Planning to raid the Mouse on Sunday.. and maybe Wednesday/Thursday.

– Annabella is an expensive hotel.. but totally worth it. I loved the hotel. I will definately stay there again.
Staying at the AnaBella again this year.  Fun fun fun!

– I had -SO- much fun being the roving reporter for Twisted Nether Blogcast. They had a round table and included my calls. Check it out for a great podcast and to hear me in various stages of exhausted.
Um.. ok.. so .. I plan to twitter stuff under @NibBlizzcon during the con.  My phone doesn’t know how to connect to @TwistedNether.. so it’ll be -like- Roving Reporting.. BTW, if you get a chance, go back and listen to that episode of TNB.. it really was a blast.

– Next year I’ll be a “good social networker” and setup “meetup times” to get together with everyone who was there instead of just wandering around aimelessly 🙂
So, ok, I’ve totally been a good social networker and setup the TNB Internether Meetup on Friday night. If you’re going to be there let me know and I’ll add you to the list. I’d be pleased as punch to see you there.

Woo hoo!

8 thoughts on “Blizzcon Blitz

  1. Pfft, our water is delicious! You know not of what you speak! 😛 I really wish I was going, especially since I don’t live *too* far from Anaheim. Maybe next time!

    By the way, awesome blog. Redirected here from 🙂

  2. @Jenna
    Well.. you may not be able to get into the ‘con.. but you should totally come to the Internether Meetup anyway. I’m ultra-pleased with our RSVP list. It should be a blast.

  3. @Jon
    Heh.. would you believe your comment got scooped up by the spam filter? Hard to believe huh 🙂

    Ok.. I’ve added you to the TNB meetup page. I can’t wait to meet you there!

  4. Uh, Anaheim’s not even in LA County. LA water sucks, yes, but one must give the OC credit when due for it’s own crappy water. =)

  5. Look for the group of tards in mickey mouse ears with their toons names on them.. yeah.. those tards are my guildies >.>
    .-= Abi´s last blog ..Massively Effected. =-.

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