Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-16

  • RT: @medievalnurse Here is your health tip for the day: if you smoke crack, don’t act shocked when your heart tells you to go to hell. #
  • Went fishing this morning. Really it was more “drowning bait” than “fishing”. Still, v pretty and somewhat fun. RL fishing > WoW fishing. #
  • Tempted by Warlock columnist position.. but I fear it’d stretch me too thin. @wowinsider how do you guys juggle it all? #
  • RT @pikestaff Blogger Confession: I live in constant fear that 1 day everyone will realize I’m not that great & my readership will plummet. #
  • I LOLd RT @Oxhorn “You’re a l33t! We don’t date n00bs we pwn them!” BWAHAh brilliant! #
  • Why does email spam think I’m fixated on penis size & how fancy my watch is? Srsly.. so many better things to fixate on. #L2SpamEffectively #
  • My guildies fail. I said:”OMG Felicia Day as a dominatrix” then I had to explain who Felicia is.. then “The guild”.. then Dr. Horrible./sigh #
  • Aforementioned “OMG Felicia Day as a dominatrix” (NSFW) (blame… err I mean thanks (?) @brigwyn for the link) #
  • Humbling: “We Are Here: The Pale Blue Dot” #
  • If they use an “unnamed src” & it turns out false. It reflects badly on them & brings their credibility down. #
  • Believe them or don’t believe them, your choice. Regardless they are still NOT required to reveal sources. #
  • I LOLd. @Stompalina wrote: “… [GC] asking paladins to show him on the doll where they were touched by the Light.” #
  • Correction Rhab wrote it on Rawrcast forums. #
  • Everyday I hate JavaScript a little bit more. #javascriptsucks #
  • I was totally on time.. then I hopped on the wrong train. >< #
  • Hotel res confirmed, time off confirmed, dog sitter confirmed, Blizzcon specific acct acquired (@NibBlizzcon). Blizzcon is a go(6 days left) #
  • Hmmm W is for Warcraft, S is for Starcraft, D is for Diablo.. Just missing A… WASD #
  • Interesting: It needs “suggested friends”
    ie, check the follows of ppl I follow..& tell me who I’m not following. #
  • “suggested friends” ie, 42 of the ppl you follow are also following @{somename} who you are not following. You might want to follow them. #
  • WRT @NibBlizzcon. We’re going to liveblog these tweets on TNB site & @Nibuca is my personal twitter & doesn’t need to all be on TNB site #
  • Well.. my commute just went to HELL “SF Bart strike starts Sunday midnight.” Wheee. I foresee lots of working at home #
  • I LOL’d #
  • This is my normal commute. I’m scared of the BART strike. ANARCY!!! #
  • LOL Upside camera phone is unintentionally funnier. #
  • @Medros WRT Crackberry Twitter Apps (I use TwitterBerry) in reply to Medros #
  • Irony: 2nd time this yr that BART has threatened to strike on a week where I’m on vacation for 1/2 the week. W@H then vacation \o/ #
  • What if.. what if Blizz finally decided that broadcast via forum wasn’t working.. and so they created @warcraft to communicate with us. #
  • Broadcast via forums is like throwing bread in a pond and hoping all the ducks get a bit of it.. not just the aggressive/nasty/troll-y ones. #
  • SPOILERS GO BOOM! The whole shebang.. Cataclysm in loverly tasty spoilery details. #
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