Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-23

  • Future life lesson: "We'll just look at cars" is the same as "We're buying a car today". Nib has achieved [2010 Kia Soul]. #
  • I'm tickled by the irony of having a Warlock main and buying a new "Soul" for my car. I think we'll name it "shard" #
  • RT: @Warcraft For the Warchief! FOR THE HORDE! #Battlecry #
  • RT @warcraft For the Horde #battlecry #
  • Me: I'm out of office 19-24. Them: OH Noes!! You've only talked about this for the last month.. let's panic now & mark everything emergency. #
  • RT @Kadomi Zomg, all the Felicia Day fanboys got something to drool over: #
  • 30 mins of Wii Fit this morning. Now abs are sore. Either I'm way out of shape (YES) or it's working (maybe). #
  • LOL A friend posted pics of shoulder surgery scar on #Fb. Someone commented: "Staples? Where'd your doctor get his degree…Home Depot??" #
  • RT @TwistedNether: Episode 55 – Princess of Darkness #wow #podcast #blizzcon #
  • Why does my right shoe wear out faster than my left shoe? Did I go somewhere with only my right foot? Should I be worried? /puzzled #
  • Time is relative. When you know you're leaving for vacation, time slooows dooown.~7 more hours left.. not sure I'll make it. /watching clock #
  • RT @ILikeBubbles@kestrelsaerie Healer mech: mana replaced by rage. Regain rage by beating on stupid people doing things they ought not do. #
  • OOo.. I'm working at home today.. can I use "have to buy dogfood" as a good excuse to go pick up sushi? HRm.. #
  • I'm considering CA personalized licence plates for new [2010 Kia Soul]. "Shard" is already taken. Suggestions? #warlock #warcraft #carplate #
  • Available Plates: Shatter, Dot Spec, Aff lock, Life Tap, .. still considering. #
  • We have guildie visiting from AU. We're "ironical". We're going to take him to Outback Steakhouse. (Email me if you wanna join) #
  • RT: @mattycus Bought me a US phone. beats the roaming charges (@saresa talk to Matt) #
  • (Me too) RT: @Timted Splash Mountain makes for a very soggy Guild… #westkingdom #Disneyland
    Now for food & Con tickets. #blizzcon #
  • No rly, I'm soaked & cold. Waiting for Trolley to hotel to change. Then peek in at WI meetup. Then dinner. I'm starved. #
  • (LIAR) RT: @Bearbutt Blizzcon: I hate crowds. Glad I'm not there. #blizzcon #
  • RT: @aggrojunkie At #blizzcon they should tell people "additional instances cannot be launched" and make them run in and out of the door. #
  • Still walking. Only made it to parking lot so far. Natives report they are only letting pal in 2 doors. Oo #
  • RT: @maerdred So, it's True?? Thousand Needles has Flooded? #Blizzcon We will call it 1000 Island #
  • (And loremaster)
    RT: @NibBlizzcon Hmm sounds like you will want to finish classic Dungeon Master BEFORE Cataclysm launches. #
  • RT: @Timted Lines, lines, everywhere is lines… Makin' sore feeties, breakin' my spine… # blizzcon #

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