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Social networking cards from
 on TwitpicMonday: Social Networking Cards from arrived
Tuesday ~2 PM: Fiancee who loves me immensely drove to Sacramento to pickup the TNB special print Tshirts. Nibuca T-shirt for me, 2 grey t-shirts for Fim and 4 shirts for give away. Originally we only ordered 2 shirts for give away but they “screwed up the print order” so we got an additional two at a discount. The “screw up” was they printed the front full-size instead of pocket size. Totally acceptable.
Tuesday 6:08 PM: In car, on my way. I-5 is boring.


Scoping out the Tangerine. I recommend the Tangerita. on Twitpic
2 AM: Arrived at hotel and checked in. Met guildies from out-of-state and out-of-country.
11:18 AM: Acquired Disneyland Tickets. Turns out there are quite a few on Craigslist for ~$50/day.
3:12 PM: “Lunch” at the Tangerine. I highly recommend the “Tangerita”. Roasted Veggie Sandwich was also yummy. Though they no longer have blue cheese beef sandwich on the menu.
6:39 PM: We’re “ironical” and take guildie from Australia to Outback Steakhouse. .. he didn’t seem terribly impressed.


@Ghostbear1066 is gonna get cha!! on Twitpic11:30 AM: Breakfast at Cocos. Why yes, I am on vacation.. why do you ask? 😛 Late meals were the standard for the whole trip.
2:00 PM: Half day for Disneyland excursion.
8:00 PM: Splash mountain makes for very wet Nib (and guildies). We decide to call it a day and head back to hotel to change out of cold/wet clothes.
9:15 PM: Run over to Convention Center to acquire passes and goodie bags. On the way we’re told the lines are “short”
9:27 PM: Done acquiring passes and goodie bags. The walk -to- check in took longer than the actual check-in process.
10:11 PM: Bubba Gump’s for dinner. Picture is of fiancee (@ghostbear1066) at Bubba Gump’s.


Lines forever... That's #blizzcon! on Twitpic9:15 AM: Awake and almost showered.
10:00 AM: Finally rounded up everyone for breakfast. This is as bad as rounding everyone up for a raid. Tiffy’s “Slowest service ever”. ARGH!
11:15 AM: Found the line to get in the door.
11:27 AM: Found the -end- of the line. Not looking like I’m going to see the opening ceremonies.
11:58 AM: FINALLY inside the convention center.
12:30 PM: Cataclysm Preview Panel. OMG! Will need to break this out into lots of posts. but OMG!! My take: cataclysm is 80% about leveling.
1:51-3:10 PM: In line to acquire phat #blizzcon loots. The Starcraft Poker sets are -so- cool! (and I don’t even play Starcraft)
3:38 PM: Watched The Guild Panel. Pretty interesting.. then the Q&A barrelled off the trackes.. I was there.. I heard this question.. I /facepalmed and almost died of mortification.
4:49 PM: Late “lunch” at the Tangerine. ARGH! Missed the WoW Class panel.
tnbmeetup6:00 PM: Back at ‘Con. Watched the costume contest. Wow.. very impressive.
7:47 PM: Watched the rest of the contest from the line to try out new races. I found Worgen confusing and really enjoyed the insanity that is Goblins. Too bad Goblins are on the horde side.
8:30 PM-12:30 AM: Off to the Tangerine for the TNB meetup. OMG! Met so many people! I wish there’s been more time to chat with everyone. Had a very good chat with the guys from Project Lore and confided to The Turpster that he was less scary in person.

We handed out about 100 raffle tickets. So.. Woot.


Minor kerfuffle in the AM, a guildie lost his con badge. Spent a long time stressing out about that.
1:00 PM: Watched Raid and Dungeon Panel. Lots of elevators in the new dungeons. Interested to see how patch 3.3 and cross-server LFG works out.
2:00 PM: Fell asleep while sitting on floor waiting for WoW Class Panel to start.
Watched WoW Class Panel (take 2). I’m interested to see how the soul shard changes play out. I’m scared if “soul shatter” is still going to require a shard. Seems mean to give us a 3 min cool down and then make it only usable 3 times in a fight. Regardless I’ll reserve judgement until we have more info.
6:30 PM: So um.. ok. Sat in another room with a bunch of other Bloggers/Podcasters/Twitterati. L80ETC was pretty much the same as last year. I’m not an Ozzy fan. The first few songs didn’t convert me to Ozzy-ism. By the end he seemed to hit his stride though. I hummed along. That said, .. the fact that he sprayed down the front of the crowd with creamy white “Ozzy jizz” made me -REALLY- glad I wasn’t in that crowd. All-in-all it wasn’t horrible.. but I enjoyed Video Games LIVE from last year more.


@nibuca takes on the Small World! on TwitpicWe 7-manned Disneyland. RAWR! Walked until my blisters have blisters. Thanks to Vigdis from whom I totally stole this picture.
11:00 PM: Pizza delivered to hotel room.


~2:00 PM: After lots of hugs and sad “goodbyes” we headed for home.
10:30 PM: Arrived home.


– Definitely want to do Disneyland -after- Blizzcon. Doing it before totally saps my energy. That said, Criagslist is -the bomb- for getting cheap Disney tickets.
– Must remember to pack shorts/capris for Disneyland. Long jeans were way to hot and stiffling.
– The guildies who were present had matching shirts. It made us very easy to pick out. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture 🙁 Also, there was a free photo booth at the back of the ‘Con we should totally have gotten an “all together now” picture while we were there.
– I think we could have arrived during the day on Wednesday and been just fine. Leaving Tuesday night from SF wasn’t really necessary.
– Next year I want to be early to all the panels. If it lists “WoW” in the title I want to be there. I kept feeling like I was -just- missing it.
– Twitter was nice.. but most of the time I felt like I was “reporting” the same info I was seeing from 3-4 other people (even from ppl who weren’t at the Con). I don’t know if I should just ignore the feeling and keep tweeting.. or spend more time looking for the interesting and unreported angles.
– Having a camera phone was nice.. but I don’t think I took nearly enough pictures. Though it was nice being able to upload them directly.
– TNB Meetup was great but might need to change venue and change up circumstances a bit. When announcing the raffle it was hard to be heard by everyone there(maybe add a microphone?). Also some ppl reported that they couldn’t find seating so didn’t stick around. Fim suggested we might look into a conference room in one of the nearby hotels..
– Might also want to consider a game(?) to get the signatures(?) of people who are on the RSVP list. Or something like that to encourage people to mingle around and introduce themselves. Alot of people arrived and then just stuck to the group they were with and didn’t necessarily meet other bloggers. Since we want to encourage the bloggers/podcasters to meet each other this may require thinking.

– Comfortable shoes are a must.. but if possible, pack two pairs.. then when you get blisters from one you can switch to the others.
– Bottle of water in pack was good… also nice to have gatorade in fridge at room.
– Protein in bag was good. Need to figure out how to smuggle lunch in so as not to starve all day.
– May want to consider having easy to grab-and-go breakfasts in the room to make it easier to get in lines/to the con earlier.

8 thoughts on “NibBlizzcon ’09

  1. I was keeping up with your tweets while in the line on Friday morning. I figured out I was just ahead of you in line. When we were in the parking lot, I managed to spot you, but right about then they really sped up the line and I didn’t get a chance to say hi. 🙁

  2. You drove from SF to Sacramento then down to Anaheim? So, sorry. I live in Sacramento and wouldn’t do that trip (especially with 2 kids), especially flying in. Orange “John Wayne” County Airport ROCKS!

    From my days of going to Comdex, I’d say, water is a must and a bag of apples. Easy to pack along and most guards won’t think twice letting you bring them in.
    .-= elkagorasa´s last blog ..Soul Shard Changes =-.

  3. My Fiancee who loves me very much drove from SF to Sacramento.. then back to SF.. then to Anaheim.

    We had a friend help us with getting the shirts printed and it just took so long there was no way we could get them shipped to us and make it on time.. so since my fiancee loves me.. he took pity on me and agreed to drive and pick them up (thus saving the day).

  4. @mondoz
    Aww… So Fiancee says I’m “Internet Famous”. I think not. Especailly considering how many people were at Blizzcon. Fiancee told me to carry a pen to sign autographs. I scoffed.

    In two days at the Con I was recognized(and confronted) by one person, Hydra. So I’m still sticking with the “not Internet Famous”.

    Beyond that, I wish you could have made it to the TNB meetup. I had fun and met a lot of the bloggers I’ve read for years.

  5. I think your odds of being recognized/confronted would have gone way up if they actually had any lights on in the con. It’s hard to spot people when you can’t see 5 feet away…

    I think the only times I would have been able to spot you again is if:
    1. You were seated near us in a panel.
    2. You were in another line near us for something else.
    3. We happened to leave at the same time and were outside in daylight again.

    The rest of the con seemed to be randomly bumping into people in the dark, feeling our way through the darkness between booths.

    And forget about finding anyone in Hall D… That place was humongous!

  6. The only way my group stayed in touch was twitter DM and text messages. I have a ton of messages like this:

    “I’m sitting behind D17”
    “I’m between D3 and D12”
    “I’m in the line for Cataclysm tryout”
    “Where are we going to lunch? I’m starving”
    “Meet me at the Razer booth. I’ll BRT”

    We ended up with 7 guildies wandering around the Con.

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