“Cataclysms” go BOOM

logo_1920x1200AKA WoW 4.0 coming sometime in 2010.

So Deathwing (crazy corrupted dragon aspect of earth who’s be touched in a bad way by demons and Old Gods) busts out the ceiling of Deepholm (elemental plane of earth) and brings about the Cataclysm. I’m sure there’s more to it.. because poking a hole in the ceiling should not cause such drastic environmental changes as we see in the Cataclysm Trailer.. but it does. Maybe it’s because he’s bridging the elemental planes of existence into the world of Azeroth. You know.. crossing the streams and all.

Anyway, after being static for 5 years.. suddenly everything is going to change.

Fact: Every land currently in old Azeroth (1-60) is going to change and 7 new lands will be added. There will also be new race/class combinations.. and two new races (worgen and goblin)

My wonderings:
– Pets are dropped in old Azeroth zones. Wonder if some of those might not be in that zone (or in the game) anymore.
– Is this going to be a totally new 1-60 experience? Will all the old quests be gone? Wonder if this means you’ll need to complete Loremaster before the expansion.
– Is this going to effect all the old dungeons? If so, wonder if you’ll need to completed Dungeon/Raidmaster before the expansion.
– At Blizzcon they showed us a new leveling progression map.. that was -totally- different from how you’d progress now. This leads me to think it’ll all be new.
– So.. it might be worth while to make one-last alt in order to experience old Azeroth for the last time.
– With the additional race/class combinations and the two new races I think Cataclysm is poised to be more about “leveling” than being at level cap. By adding these new options AND completely revamping the questing experience they’ve almost guaranteed a huge influx of people into the 1-60 zones. This is a HUGE benefit to new players.

Fact: A lot of the currently used stats (Spell power, Attack power, MP5, Armor Penetration… ) are going away and base stats are being revamped.

My wonderings:
– I’m super excited about this. I’m tired of having to consult spreadsheets and addons in order to be able to tell if one piece of gear is an upgrade over another.
– They said that offensive casters (warlocks, mage) will not value Spirit (the new mana regen stat). Instead we’ll value Int. I take this to mean that something either inherent or in our talent trees will translate Int into (essentially) spellpower. I’m also very hopeful that this will allow Warlocks to get back to stacking Sta/Int and get less fragile than our Magely brothers.
– I am a little concerned that this further homogenizes the gear.. and will make us all look the same.. I’ll wait and see though.
– They also said that they weren’t adding more talents to the tree.. but I do get the feeling that the talents will get an almost complete overhaul.

Fact: Warlocks and their use of Soul Stones will be revamped. Hunters will also get a touch up. Blizz will also introduce “Path of the Titans”, Archeology and “Mastery”. See also Cross-server Looking For Guild.. and Cross-server Looking for Group.

I’m reserving judgement on all of this at this time. There just isn’t really enough information to get all up in arms or to start celebrating.

9 thoughts on ““Cataclysms” go BOOM

  1. I’m pretty sure some of the unique drops will go away. If I understand properly, it appears that Wetlands might be gone completely? If that’s true, then the red whelp thingy will be lost to us.

    I suspect more than just the land gets a rewrite now. They’ve been pretty up front about some quest lines just serving no purpose anymore. This is the perfect time to trim them away. Pally mount, Warlock mount, a lot of the endgame quests for components for the endgame ‘uber’ weapons and armor, the Naxx attunement, Marshall Windsor … the list goes on and on.

    This will be very, very interesting.
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  2. I contemplated last night actually about creating one last alt just to experience old world vanilla WoW for what it is now just so I can see how much it’s changed in Cataclysm.

    Maybe I’ll make me a new Warlock when I get home today..
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  3. The post title is familiar.. oh yeah, that tweet to me πŸ˜› Which, yes, I’m not entirely sure how Deathwing’s explosion up and into the world will cause widespread damage on both continents. I think your point about crossing the planes makes sense, but it still seems so.. massive. (And I’m really at a loss for an idea for the pre-launch event because the changes seem to be contingent on Deathwing.)

    I have several lowbie alts that I want to spend some time playing. I really want to get a lot of screenshots of everything I can before the expansion. Even with everything we saw and heard at BlizzCon, it certainly has raised more questions that may not be answered until we see Beta and beyond.
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  4. I’m really excited! Two words: Heroic. Deadmines. Honestly, I think that’s what excites me the most! Well, that and changes in Azeroth complete with phasing. And finally getting to play Goblins. And only having to level up 5 levels, not 10. It just seems to me that Blizzard is being really creative with this and I just think it’s going to be awesome.

    Having all the gear look the same does worry me, but it could not be worse than having to trade in epic level 60 gear for tunics and leggings back in the Outlands!
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  5. As I understand it, phasing has been vastly improved, and not only NPCs can be phased (as they are now) but the whole terrain will change as questlines are progressed.

    I’ve also heard there’s an epic questline to unlock sections of raid content. This should stop people roflstomping their way to 85 with farming, grinding and dungeons, and actually get people into the lore.

    Thumbs up!
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  6. As for being a huge help to 1-60 characters, I doubt it. The entire zone will be phased. Like the Icecrown and the area around Dragonblight, you won’t see the damage or the beasts unless you’re in the same time and place.

    This is really a thorn in my side as I’ve gotten to the group quests in Icecrown and none of my guildies are in the same place. Sitting on them until I can get help to do those 5-mail quests.
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  7. @Elkagorasa:

    Someone asked the devs about this very thing at Blizzcon. The devs said that they really liked phasing but didn’t like how it kept people from doing things together.
    They want to implement a system that lets people join each other’s phase and see what they see.

  8. My first thought with the removal of SP and such was “Wow, it is getting to be like D&D.” Keep in mind I have not played D&D since Rev.2.

    Also, if Spirit is not really important for the Warlock what will happen with Glyph of Life Tap. It is very Spirit centric and I think there are a few other items that are that way too.

    I am guessing that there will be more tier type gear types. Getting a bonus for have matching pieces which I like this concept. Allows for more mix and matching sets for what you want to try to do with your toon.

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