Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-30

  • Okay. Today we raid the Mouse. We Have a guildie group dressed in Gold&Black rugby jersies. Hard to miss, there is a herd of us. #
  • CA adventure not as Adventurous as name suggests. Meh. #
  • Must remember to pack/wear shorts/capris next time I am in Disneyland. Wet jeans FTL. #
  • CA Adventure "It's Tough Being A Bug" Theatre was really fun. A+ #
  • – Tower of Horror is made of win. Will do that again. I laughed..I screamed.. I laughed some more. #
  • After a full day at Disneyland "Mouthfart" is funnier than you'd think. #
  • Home. Safe. Blizzcon rocks. Giddy for Cataclysm. Already making plans for Blizzcon '10. #
  • RT: @lassirra If you comment on a post via twitter and have to use more than one tweet to do it, why not just comment on the post itself? #
  • Open question to those at TNB Meetup: What do we need to change for next year? Tweet or mail #
  • Hmm.. I may have to snag @brigwyn to get help scoping out a new locale.. my knowledge of Anaheim is limited. #InternetherMeetupBlizzcon10 #
  • Blizzcon09 Recap posted on Mystic Chicanery: #blizzcon09 #
  • I /facepalmed RT @sandeepparikh: this was the most hilarious, ballsy question ever to be asked at an @theguild panel #
  • /workrage..Debugging a problem I can't see and can't reproduce. "Live launch at 5PM? NO, really.. I -love- staying late for crap like this" #
  • Tobold wrote: the old versions of the zones will be gone forever. I should play through all these old zones once more before they are gone. #
  • OMG that sounds so sexy.. RT @wemb @MrGrimme Let's pencil in a cross-server lfg dual-podcast five man for the following weekend! #cataclysm #
  • Wow.. Cross-server LFG = Easy guild raid interviews #cataclysm #implications #
  • That said.. I think I remember them saying that xLFG was limited by battle group. #cataclysm #implications #realizations #
  • #Blizzcon nudged me towards external keyboard for my blackberry (to make Twitter easier) but this is just sexy: /#want #
  • If a rogue casts "distract" at a worgen.. does he use a red shiny ball? #lolwow @warcraft #
  • Best description of twitter I've ever read: (posted by @Fulguralis) #twitparty #
  • .@Kikirowr wrt: "girl who fell in fountain blizzcon" I'm sure it's totally unrelated.. but I did have a hot guildie #
  • .@kikirowr who got thrown into the pool at WI meetup… white-tshirt black bra.. and WOW she's HOT. #
  • RT @Timted As requested… Aftermath of the pool tossing at the Anabella! #blizzcon #hotguildie #
  • Does anyone know where I can find the "new leveling progression map" they had as a slide at #blizzcon? the one with arrows and levels. #
  • Hrm.. Succubus won't attack XT's heart. V. annoying #warcraft #warlock #bugs #
  • RT: @Fimlys RT @TwistedNether: New blog post: TNB Live Thursday 8/27 9:30pm PST – Blizzcon 09 Round Table #
  • RT @WoWInsider: 2.0 allows XFaction comm:
    I wonder: Will @Warcraft ban themselves for violating TOS? #
  • Blisters suck. They can just go to hell already 🙁 #
  • New MC blog post: Beige… #warcraft #warlock #kvetching #T9 #
  • Total comments on blog: 2,596 Spam caught by Akismet: 3,845 🙂 Akismet + Peter's Custom Anti-Spam ( FTW! #akismetmeme #
  • We have a DK who /flirt'd with my Succubus. V. funny considering she turned around and /seduced him. I LOLd. #
  • RT @TwistedNether #Blizzcon Roundtable discussion LIVE Tonight! 9:30pm PST. @brigwyn , @brajana and Hydra @HydRAWR #
  • Sometimes goobers are inflicted on you… and it makes me sad that I can't roflstomp them and move on. Just sayin' #
  • #FollowFriday @timted an entertaining guildie, @ghostbear1066 my v. quiet fiancee. #
  • /workrage. While(thing not working) { Fiddle fiddle launch (takes 15 mins) test }. On try 15 now. WTB new day with less.. fiddly work. #
  • Pic from #Blizzcon I totally ripped this off from @BinaryMuse who got it from #WowInsider. The winning costume: #

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