I can has welfare epix

Good weekend.

I found the Combustion Bracers on the AH for half their normal price. So I snapped those up and finally got the “EPIC” achievement.

I ran one regular ToC and picked up the Abyssal Rune (lovely tasty caster trinket).

Then I finally got the last of the badges and Lilac, my warlock is now sporting four piece Tier 8(25). I feel slightly guilty since I didn’t actually get -any- of these tier pieces off of the Ulduar boss that drops the tier token. I ended up with two badge pieces (head,chest) and two pieces off of Emalon (legs, hands). I -did- earn them.. but I didn’t down the Ulduar bosses (and especially not the Uld-25 bosses) for them.. So I feel like I cheesedicked my way into them. Ah well.. For Uld-25 we were allied with another guild.. they were on East Coast time.. so I stopped being able to make the raids.. then that guild went “boom” so 25-man runs have kind of fizzled. We’re now recruiting.. we’ll see if we can ramp up to 25-mans again.

In case you missed the memo, Old Azeroth is going out with a bang. So now (well between now and Cataclysm launch) is your last chance to experience the original zones and original quest lines before they go poof. So I spent most of the weekend on my baby mage. She went from level 15 to level 23. I’m hesitant to say this (because the other warlocks will mock me) but she’s been relatively fun. Don’t get me wrong.. I miss Life Tap.. and mages are really really fragile. But once I got evocation.. and started using my wand it’s been less distasteful.

Anyway. Old Azeroth is going “BOOM”, @alachia has had the foresight to create a Flickr group in which to keep screenshots of Azeroth as it stands today. So mount up, go travelling and snap some shots.

Upload them to Flickr and add them to the Old Azeroth group here. Here’s some recent images I contributed.