Mankirk’s Wife

BlogAzeroth Chat (details about joining are available on the BA Forums) often cracks me up:

(9:15:54 AM) Faulsey: Mankriiiik!
(9:16:00 AM) LadyJess: O.o
(9:16:22 AM) Myze: It gets better after FL, and when you get good enough at driving to do FL + towers, it gets really fun.
(9:16:24 AM) LadyJess: I don’t think mankrik is quite geared for ulduar…nor one of my alts
(9:16:45 AM) Faulsey: Scuse me, hunting for Mankrik’s wife. Gotta noob up barrens chat.
(9:16:49 AM) Ratshag: Mankrik wasn’t even geared for the Barrens
(9:17:03 AM) LadyJess: Mankrik sucks as a husband
(9:17:07 AM) Myze: Mankrik is geared fine, it’s his wife that was the noob.
(9:17:23 AM) Faulsey: Pff, have you seen his wife? I’d have bumped her off, too.
(9:17:25 AM) LadyJess: WTF kind of husband doesn’t go find his own wife and picks some random newb to do it
(9:17:28 AM) Myze: Seriously, you’d think he’d have found her body by now…
(9:18:00 AM) Faulsey: The kind of Husband that doesn’t want her to be found, but instead wants people to die horribly.

(9:23:12 AM) Nibuca: srsly.. totally going to blog the Mankirk’s wife conversation… you ppl crack me up

3 thoughts on “Mankirk’s Wife

  1. What? Have you seen Mankrik’s wife? Totally should have died… :3
    .-= Faulsey´s last blog ..Let the tanking begin! =-.

  2. I’ve leveled two toons horde-side.. and both were blood elves.. so although I understand the quest .. I’ve never actually done it 😉

  3. I picked up the quest on my baby cow and found her shortly later. Apparantly they have updated the quest text to atleast give you clue as to where to go. Anyway I’m not going to turn in the quest… instead I will share the quest anytime someone asks to share quests in a dungeon or raid.

    My buddy created an orc chick named Mankrikwife… now we just need her to die near Mankrik. Since its a pvp server we will probably just wait till alliance attacks crossroads which is atleast 4 times a day.
    .-= Whatsmymain´s last blog ..Ode to Min Maxing =-.

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