New friends.. with just a hint of Horde

factionsLast night, in our Ulduar-25 raid one of our Deathknights announced: “This is the last time you’ll see [name of deathknight] in our raids. ” He then went on to explain that with paid faction changes now available (and a pay day having passed) that he’d be transferring his hunter to Alliance side and playing that toon from now on.

So far we’ve received two warlocks, a hunter and a druid. I -think- we may have lost one toon.. I’m not entirely certain it was to the faction change since it just said “Unknown has left the guild”.. but faction change is a good bet.

What’s your experience with paid faction change? In my experience it all seems to be going from Horde to Alliance.. but since I am -on- Alliance my view may be skewed.

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  1. I’ve been taking a bit of a WoW-playing break, so I haven’t seen much transferring going on, but the main transfers I knew were going to happen were the BOE podcast crew transferring their Alliance mains to their Horde server. I guess it goes both ways. I almost wish I had a toon I could transfer, but I don’t really have anywhere to go or any reason to go there!

  2. It might just be a matter of perspective, but on Kul Tiras the trend seems to be Alliance to Horde. It seems like there are a lot of people out there who had toons on one side but switched for one reason or another (friends quit, guild drama, etc.) that are now doing Faction and Server changes at the same time. One of my guildies even did this for two toons at the same time. It might be interesting if someone did some sort of statistical analysis of the change, see how things have gone in the first couple of weeks.

  3. As one of the members in WK that was considering transferring my Horde to Alliance I can say that the buzz on the Horde side is that so many people are filtering in and joining raiding guilds. So, the perception is that a mess of alliance are joining the Horde side. Since Blizz won’t release any stats on the transfers we may never know.

    I guess I will just have to wait and see if Horde general chat manifests the whiny and childish exchanges we’ve come to know and despise on the Ally side 🙂

  4. I play both sides (on two servers)and have noticed BOTH of my guilds getting fleshed out more with people formerly of the opposing side. It’s been nice to get a lot of RL friends who had the pretty, pretty night elves come raid with us fugly deadgirls! I’m sure things will work out to close to 50/50; both factions have great things to offer.

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