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ToolboxLately I’ve been healing on my Pally. Don’t tell our raid leaders.. {shifty eyes} but I’ve had fun. I’m not saying that I’m shelving my warlock (far from it) but occasionally I can have fun while healing an instance on my Pally.

Following is a thought exercise for me based on my glyphs/spec. Feel free to follow along… or not… šŸ™‚

Spec: 51/5/15
Major Glyphs: Holy Light, Divinity, Seal of Wisdom
Current stats: 1968 Spellpower, 23.36% Crit, 334 Haste.

Basic heals:
Holy Light – “big heal” in the 10k range

Flash of Light – “small heal” in the 3.4k range

Holy Shock – “instant heal/harm” in the 5k range. A crit Holy Shock proc’s Infusion of Light which makes your next Flash of Light instant or gives you an additional 20% crit on your Holy Light.

Sacred Shield – Gives the target the “Sacred Shield” buff (30 second duration). Any Flash of Light from any pally on that target also gives the target a 12 second HoT the same size as the flash (any other Flash overwrites the HoT with a new HoT)(though each pally can have a HoT on the target). If the target is hit they gain a shield (spellId: 58597)(6 second duration). At this point all Flash of Lights from any Pally on the target have a 50% additional chance to crit and the shield will prevent 500 (modified by caster Pally’s SP) damage off the next hit. Target can only have one Sacred Shield on them at a time.

Beacon of Light – The target becomes a “Beacon of Light” (can only be on one target/pally but a single target can have beacons from many pallies). Any of my heals on targets “near” the Beacon will also heal the Beacon (healing the Beacon does not not heal the Beacon twice). The heals take ~0.5 seconds to show up on the Beacon.. so it’s a little nerve wracking. At this point the full value of the landed heal is beaconed (even if it was overheal). Flashes on nearby targets show up on the Beacon as coming from “Beacon of Light” so they don’t proc the Flash of Light HoT from Sacred Shield.

Divine Illumination – (3 min cooldown) Reduce mana cost for spells by 50% over the next 15 seconds I macroed this in with my regular cast Holy Light.. so I use it whenever it’s up and I cast a Holy Light.

Divine Favor – (2 min cooldown) Makes your next spell crit. This is Macro’d on my “big heals” macro and my “oh shit” macro.

Glyph of Holy Light – My Holy Light grants 10% of it’s heal amount to up to 5 friendly targets within 8 yards of the initial target. (note this heals anyone friendly to you, even if they’re not in your raid)

Judgement of Light – Cast on the mob. Heals anyone who melees the mob. Not sure how much.

If you’re a pally tank you should be putting Sacred Shield on yourself every 30 seconds when you have the mana/gcd. This prevents dmg AND if there’s a healing pally in your group, it is a great boon to their healing.


(automatic explanation )
/cast [help][target=mouseover,help][target=focus,help][] Beacon of Light

(automatic explanation )
/cast [help][target=mouseover,help][target=focus,help][] Sacred Shield

Normally I will set my target to be the mob we’re fighting and then set my healing target as my focus. Normally I want to cast the spell on my focus. This will happen as long as I’m not moused-over or targeted on someone else. In those cases my spell will hit that target instead.

Ie, I have the tank focused but I’ve decided I want to put Sacred Shield on the OT(probably so that I can put a HoT on him). I mouseover the OT in GRID (or any other raid UI… or over his toon) and hit the Sacred Shield macro button.

My ‘Oh Shit’ Macro:

/cast Divine Favor
/cast [help] Holy Shock

followed by a manual cast of Flash of Light.

Should result in ~13k heal after 1.5 seconds. Divine Favor makes Holy Shock crit which then procs Infusion of Light which then makes Flash of Light an instant heal.

Getting your mana back:
– Run with Blessing of Wisdom on yourself.(92 mp5) (conficts with shammy mana tide totem)
– Run with Seal of Wisdom on yourself (healing spells also cost 5% less mana to cast because of Glyph)(melee restores mana)
– Keep Judgement up to proc Judgement of the Wise (more dmg + haste) make sure the mob has Judgement of Wisdom on it.
– Divine Plea give you 25% of your mana back over 15 seconds but reduces the size of your heals.
– Crit heals give back 30% of the cost of the heal.
– Lay On Hands gives you and your target mana back (3.9k mana)

Nice to have Addons:
GridSideIndicators – Add ability to put dots on the middle of the sides of grid boxes.
GridIndicatorCornerPlus – Add ability to put 3 more dots in each corner.
GridStatusAurasExt – Allows me to setup Grid by spellId (to identify Sacred Shield as different from the Sacred Shield Proc)

Did I miss anything?

9 thoughts on “Holy Pally Toolbox

  1. I have also had a renewed enjoyment of Pally healing since the latest Beacon mechanics have made Heroics and farming up Emblems of Conquest such a cake-walk.

    I like Power Auras but have taken to using the addon “Paladin Beacon of Light, Sacred Shield Tracker” for beacon monitoring. Quite useful as I have it show beacon timers alongside my grid raid frames.

  2. I would also like to add that if you LoH yourself you get double the mana back. Judgement of Light heals for 2% of the attackers max HP but scales from your prot talent Divinity and last most pally tanks will have divine guardian so they will only have to SS themselves every minute.

  3. Ditch glyph of divinity once you get to raid level. Though it’s mana return on self is good, you lose the ability to do a 20% damage reduction on the tank which is critical for lots of fights.

    The best choice is glyph of beacon of light. Longer fights will actually save more mana and reduce stress from not refreshing it as often.

  4. Hate to disapoint you, but Sacred Shield only procs on your own heals, so while it is handy if a tankadin shields himself when a healadin isn’t healing him, in any situation where a healadin is main healing that tankadin then the sacred shield should be being applied by the healadin – which will overwrite any other sacred shield on the target.

    and if you haven’t yet, give Vuh’Do a try – its a grid/clique replacement, and you will discover how easy healing can be comapred to trying to mouseover heal!

    I occasionally post healadin stuff on my blog (although I am currently lock obsessed thanks to ur blog :P) so you might find some useful stuff there…
    .-= UncySpam´s last blog ..Account Hacking for b00nā€™s! =-.

  5. @Thuldiela
    Thanks for the addon pointer. It looks really interesting. I was trying to do this with Power Auras but was running into problems when there were multiple pallies in the group.

    Oh, neat, the double mana LoH thing is cool. But @Parallax has a point. That means that you lose the 20% damage reduction from Improve LoH. Hrm.

    Ok, my response here got long.. and I needed to do experimentation so I broke it out into tomorrow’s response.

    I looked at Vuh’do but I didn’t see how it was an improvemnet over Grid+Clique. It seemed to be another package that does the same thing.

  6. @UncySam

    A pally tank puttin SS on them selves is very useful because it doubles the FoL hots you can have up. The hot will proc on the SS you apply (to an OT, yourself, whoever) as well as the SS the tank has up. So overwriting the SS of the tank is counter productive since his will usually be a bit more powerful absorbtiom wise.

  7. @Nibuca
    Yes Vuh’do is Grid+Clique. But with the main exception that it is actually easy and fairly intuitive to configure. And in some ways, I think it has much better features once you start digging into it. Vuhdo still allows you to write custom macros if it doesn’t do exactly what you want (Illumination is often macroed) even in this it is very helpful and allows easy integration.

    I am not 100% sure here, but if you check the combat log I’m pretty sure you will find that the first SS overwrites the second. SS is a unique buff, as is the HoT. (at least, thats what I see… maybe I’m missing something seeing as so many others are disagreeing here….)
    .-= UncySpam´s last blog ..Huzzah! =-.

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