Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-13

  • Struck by brilliant idea for blog post. Log in to take screenshots. Wow down for Tuesday morning maintenance. DOH! #
  • RT: @alachia WoW. I am stunned by the images coming into the OldAzeroth flickr group! Sunset on the Strand (by me) #
  • My biggest problem with the "OldAzeroth" project is that I play at night.. and night pictures are boring. The day shots are much prettier. #
  • Blackberry email fail: There's no "reply to all". Massive fail. #
  • RT from friend on FB: "ZOMG! Obama told our kids to stay in school, study hard, and do their homework. Socialism!" #
  • … The "IRS" just sent an email to my (fake) avatar name demanding I pay up on unreported income..yeah.. sure.. /phishing phail. #
  • Hellfire Peninsula always reminds me of Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here. The audio ambiance. #
  • RT @Warcraft We are talking to our licensing department about giving out some #WoW in-game pets/mounts through Twitter. Looks promising. #
  • How does Patchwerk choose who to "Hateful strike"? Health total, or "threat"..some say it changed in a patch.. documentation? #
  • New MC blog post: Pally Toolbox: #warcraft #paladin #healing #
  • New MC blog post: Pally Toolbox: #warcraft #paladin #healing (RT for morning) #
  • ¡p??oq??? ?? ???? buo?? ???? s? bu?????os #
  • RT @Faience Life philosophy I can agree with: Life is short. Tell more people to fuck themselves. (via @rstevens) #
  • Twitter's new Terms of Service: #
  • WTB "like" / "dislike" function( ala Facebook) for twitter to give feedback to inane twitters w/o actually having to @reply or retweet. #
  • RT: @Rilgon @Nibuca "Cut the melodrama." L. O. L.!!! #
  • Social Networking: Fiancee is streaming a live boxing match of a guildie's spar partner & chatting on Skype with guildie about the fight. OO #

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