Rather Raptor-riffic Weekend

The raptors at Gundrak are remarkably reluctant go give me their hatchling. Regardless I soldier on. It turns out that the same path I use for mowing down the raptors is just full of herbs. I gathered a quite a few stacks while circling for a few hours on Saturday and a few more hours on Sunday.

darting_hatchlingAfter I got bored on Saturday I zipped off to ZG to try for the Raptor mount there. No luck but I’ll keep trying(my Warlock can solo the raptor boss but not the tiger boss). Then I zipped over to Duskwallow Marsh. I caught up on blogs and TED videos while waiting for Dart the rare to spawn (I also did laundry and sewed buttons onto a duvet ..but that’s kinda boring). Eventually Dart spawned and I tagged him, took him down and gathered the Darting Hatchling. This puts me at 69/75 pets. I see more Raptors in my future.

Saturday night we made an attempt at ToC-10. It was my first time in there. We were able to get the first beast down.. but we’re having problems getting past the worms. After many attempts we called it.

Sunday afternoon I got invited into a pugged ToC-25 raid. We downed the beasts, Lord Jaxx and made quite a few attempts at the Faction Champions. PVP (even faked by the computer PVP) still sucks. Eventually we had enough people bail out of the raid and we had to call it. I came out of there with a BoE leatherworking pattern which I threw into the guild bank. I logged out and took a shower/went grocery shopping/made dinner. Steak + corn + salad + baked potato.. it was way too much food.. but OMG it was so good.

WoWScrnShot_091309_182749 On Sunday evening, right after I logged back in, I was invited to an Occulus “achievement” run. When I joined they had already cleared everything except for the last boss.. and in fact we had to re-clear trash from the first level. This was especially interesting because I was replacing the healer who had left. So we cleared all the first level trash without a healer (and with no deaths!!).

Then we all picked Amber drakes and made many many attempts on the final boss. In the end we had two people who did only lances (1).. they other three did the channeled stacking debuff (3) to 10 stacks and then lance once. We rotated the time-stops back-to-back through the group. When the dragon would banish himself we’d fly right to the next island to avoid the bubbles of bursty death. Totally worth it.

Later that night we did Ulduar. We’re consistently getting 7 bosses down (FL, Ignis, Razorscale, XT, Kologarn, Ariaya, Iron Council). We’re still having problems with the watchers but I think once we start raiding more consistently we’ll move past those quickly.