Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-20

  • There are days.. when I read twitter.. and wonder if that's really english. #
  • ToC Beasts, we wipe & come back to Snobold in the the room. We engaged Snobold.. and he firebombed the fish feast.. killing the afkers. Oo #
  • For @Kestrelsaerie My UI #wowui (post to follow later this week-ish) #
  • Guess I didn't get the WI position (new article up on their site I didn't write). A "Thank you for your interest" letter would've been nice. #
  • Trying out #PBTweet Bookmarklet for threaded tweets. HMmm. #
  • LOL RT: @twillik When [I teleport], I can see my character's undies before her skirt [shows up] #ChampionsOnline #
  • Death by cute: The Marshmellow Test #psychology-is-cruel #marshmellows #kids #
  • AWW.. now I wanna watch "Dirty Dancing" for nostalgia reason.. not just for new #secretproject RT @Jason Actor Patrick Swayze Dies at age 57 #
  • Words that only make sense in a WoW context. "Fuck. I numlocked into fatigue land." (via @mattycus) #
  • *sigh* Wintergrasp hack sucks. 12 siege engines 10 seconds into the fight pisses me off. #
  • For the record, PGTweet Bookmarklet w/threaded twitter & automatic xlanguage translations is the SCHIZZLE! Two-thumbs up. #
  • RT @Greshlock: "Girls don't play WoW." Nope, we don't. We PWN it. #
  • I agree with @Trizophenie ThinkGeek is awesome. Just found Christmas gifts for guildie. #
  • Note to self (and anyone else interested) follow up on this when not tired: Leatrix Latency Fix #wowui (untested MMV) #
  • Yesterday, in the middle of Q&A, Firefox updated to a new version. Completely invalidated a day's worth of Q&A. Starting over now. /sigh #
  • "Did you think we had forgotten? Did you think we had forgiven?" Can you even read that w/o hearing the voice? #HeardInMyHead #warcraft #
  • If I were a Holy Pally.. & I had an empty belt buckle.. what would be the best epic gem to jam in there? #warcraft #gemmingAdvice #LFExpert #
  • New MC post: Addon: ButtonTimers #wowui #warcraft #addon #
  • Sometimes I hear "Flight of the Valkyries" in my head when I walk down the street & I smile.. vengefully. When people smile back at me I LOL #
  • New MC Post: "State of the UI: Sept 2009" #wowui #warcraft #addons #
  • Still considering car plate.. tempted by "OMG GTFO" but not sure they'll let me have it. #
  • Rumor says that Twitter replaced the default O_o brown icon with colored birdies.. and borked some ppl's icons. #rumor #skyIsFalling #
  • Caffeinated ferret. Oh.. and Souffle. Just sayin' #
  • RT @zefrank motivation: i start each day by thinking of myself as my own employee. so far i have fired me at the end of each day ๐Ÿ™ #
  • …… Twitter gives new meaning to "Get a room".. now it's "Get a chatroom" ๐Ÿ™‚ #
  • Fun recording with @zideshow and @syrana. Look for it out early next week (mon/tue). #twistednether #IBlameSyrana #

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