What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been


Ruminations on the color “violet”:






Many thanks to my Guild for helping me and to Edith specifically for helping me ALOT. Last night, despite horrible server lag, I -finally- finished the Holiday Meta Achievement “What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been”.

The “Violet” protodrake is kind of hot-pink during the day and sort of voilet-y at night. I’m ok with that. It’s fast fast fast. And years from now.. when “a bag full of soul shards” is long forgotten I’ll still have my Violet Protodrake to remind me of the color of tasty tasty souls.

10 thoughts on “What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been

  1. @Ledin

    True story. When I was a kid my barbie used to ride around on a Rancor. Really, after that, a proto-drake isn’t that much of a stretch.

  2. Oh THAT pink protodrake! Hubby is still working on collecting all the tokens so he can finish Brewfest and get the drake, too. I wish I could have done it, but I got all crabby and refused to do any holiday quests that required group involvement. (aka raids, dungeons.)
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