Idle Speculation: Icecrown Citadel Bosses

280px-icecrowncitadelAt Blizzcon they confirmed that Icecrown Citadel will have 12 bosses. Arthas and Sindragosa (the dragon on the login screen) will be two of them.. but that leaves 10 more.

I’m pretty sure that Garrosh(ok, not Garrosh.. what’s his name.. ), the guy who got his soul sucked into Frostmourne at WrathGate will be one of them.. but who else?

Also wanted to add.. I’ll be surprised if we don’t face the following:
– Epic OMG-too-many-to-count army of scourge (probably another version of the “trash” before Flame Leviathan)
– An army? or at least a bunch of the big stone Vyr’kul guys.. like the ones under the walkway in Halls of Lightning.

3 thoughts on “Idle Speculation: Icecrown Citadel Bosses

  1. Um, Garrosh is still alive and well and his soul is most definitely not in Frostmourne.

    I would hope that by Icecrown the Alliance and Horde would get their shit together and stop bickering, but I doubt it. Other fights I’d say are a shoe-in: a reanimated Overthane Balargarde (Arthas took his body, like he did Ymiron back in Howling Fjord, and basically said “see you in icecrown!,” Orbaz Bloodbane (because who wouldn’t want to fight him yet again…), and probably a faction specific fight against death knight versions of Saurfang the Younger and/or Bolvar Fordragon.

    And, oh why not, how about the Black Knight? “The Argent Tournament was merely a setback!”
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