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5 Things: Brewfest

brewfest_decorBrewfest is in full swing.. if you’re not doing it.. you should be. Rather than being yet another blog posting about how to do the achievements/get your tickets instead I’m going to just highlight my five favorite things.

Five things I love about Brewfest:

1. Easy-ish mounts/pets. Wolpertinger (which is invisible to anyone outside your group unless they’re drunk), Pink Pachyderm (who’s really not all that pink), Violet Proto-Drake (who’s really more of a Hot Pink than Violet), Brewfest Ram (what’s not to love, he comes with his own beer saddle) and finally the elusive Brewfest Kodo (who only drops for my group when I’m on my alts).

2. Brewfest is everywhere, even in the Caverns of Time, Culling of Strat. A guildie pointed this out. Even though we travel back in time to a specific day.. to help Arthas cull old Strat.. it’s weird that it’s Brewfest there. The happy bubbly banners over all the doors are strangly eerie as we murder all the random scourged citizens. Just creepy.

3. Fighting off the Darkiron Dwarf attacks is fun. I mean I know it’s a daily.. and I know it should be annoying.. but honestly.. I drink FREE beer .. and then I get to bean dwarfs over the head with my empty stein and then the waitress chucks a new beer at me. What’s not to love? OH OH OH!! and if I’m fast I can try out a SUPER BREW for added effect. It’s just tons of fun.

4.. I genuinely love seeing everyone in /guild or /trade or even in /say mumbling whatever they have to say with a “drunk” accent. I support this. It makes me laugh everytime.

5. Whipping my brewfest ram. I know, I know. I think I’m a horrible person.. but wandering along the barrel delivery path.. and hearing everyone whip the holy heck out of their rams.. just makes me laugh.

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  1. In addition to what you listed here (and yes I got pink elekks on most of my alts) like Brewfest for its ability to let the guild as a whole participate in an event. We even drug a few sub-75s in to get the achievement for Coren even tho they could not summon. My one quibble is the remotes are awful elusive for being a blue rather than an epic drop. We see far more brewmaiden trinkets than remotes!
    .-= candy´s last blog ..Brewfest Mission Accomplished! =-.

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