Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-27

  • I have acquired new unripped floormats for car. I am now 20% less pissed than yesterday. #
  • RT: @Syrana Oh me too, me too. RT @davenavarro6767: Sometimes I really shouldn't be allowed to interact directly with humans. #
  • – Rainforest Cafe for dinner. Cheesy animatronix FTW. #
  • Hmm.. Pink Elekks in Shattrath count as "Teldrassil Elekk's" #warcraft #brewfest #
  • Ok.. With a group that listens.. Occulus sucks less than I remember. #
  • I am unprepared to deal with Monday morning. May I please have a Do-Over on the weekend? No? /sigh ok. Must acquire Coffee. #
  • RT @outdps: #hunter #volley change in #3.2.2: our AOE got buffed ๐Ÿ™‚ #
  • RT: @pikestaff "Stupid Arthas. Worst ret noob ever. Don't group w/ him! Though I hear he's rerolled Deathknight now & changed his name.โ€… #
  • Yeah! Lilac has achieved [Hot Pink ProtoDrake]. … this trip gets longer and stranger the more it goes. #
  • – Ok.. so it's not so pink at night. I am satisfied. It's violet-enough. #
  • New MC Post: Ruminations on "Violet" #protodrake #warcraft #achievement #
  • Ooo new sexy gear wishlist generating tool #warcraft #appsite #resource #gearcomparisons #
  • – It's a shoe. #
  • RT @TheElitists: I ask anyone who can to take some time and update Raider101 it is painfully unupdated right now. #
  • Raider101 is a Wiki. If you have knowledge please help to update it. Then when guildies/noobs ask.. you know where to send them. #
  • Starting to feel impotent rage. Some {expletive deleted} drugstore spammer has 4 of my email addresses on their spam lists. DIAF screaming. #
  • Cool! Daft Punk song.. by hand on CollegeHumor #
  • Me Too ๐Ÿ™‚ RT @Zideshow: Had a great time! RT @TwistedNether: New blog post: Episode 59 – #IBlameSyrana #
  • Words of Wisdom from Scott Adams: "When you find a big kettle of crazy, it's best not to stir it." #
  • /workrage I've worked on this project for 2 yrs. It's ~1 month until done & suddenly I've had 5 groups who need it NOW & can't wait 1 mo. #
  • My wall calender shows cherries.. and now I -want- cherries. and they're no longer in season. /sadface #
  • Save the TaTas #boobified (For @Brigwyn) #

    RT @TwistedNether: New blog post: Resource Site Spotlight: Gear Wishlist #

  • I'm watching Lars on Ustream (artist for LFG comic) #
  • It's Friday! We're recording TNB tonight with @spooner at 8pm PST! I can't wait!! #
  • – FUCK! Can someone let @fimlys know I may be late? #
  • AFAICT only the Garmin was stolen. Police came, took report, took prints. Still hope the bastards DIAF screaming. #
  • Oh @spoonwolf oh @spoonwolf where fort art thou? It is TNB and we lack spoons. /sadface (I forgot to send remind email.. podcaster fail) #

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