Video: Video Games and the Female Audience

Interesting video linked by Wynthea on Twitter:

Video Games and the Female Audience

5 thoughts on “Video: Video Games and the Female Audience

  1. My sentiments exactly. I’d love for my wife to enjoy a round of World of Warcraft. She always seems to resent when I logon for a quick mid-day daily, but also complains that we don’t do things together.
    .-= Elkagorasa´s last blog ..Dead Man’s Party =-.

  2. It’s already been established that I’m not the most girly of girls.. so I guess it’s only right that I be one of those bucking the “no girls in gaming” trend. That said.. I have no interested in bloody/gore FPS (Prototype, Left4Dead, etc).

    I currently play Wow, Wii Fit (can you really say you “play” Wii Fit?) and Little Big Planet.

    I’m tempted by World of Goo.

  3. I’m not the girliest of girls either. Some of the “boy” games I like to play and some I don’t.. same with the “girl” games. Was an interesting video indeed, though.
    .-= Syrana´s last blog ..It Has Been Created! =-.

  4. A well thought out and entertaining piece. I’m one of those pretty much always been a gamer girls but I can certainly identify with being cheesed out by the exploitative imagery of women in some games and making my non-gaming female friends freak out a bit if I start ranting about ‘this total noob in a PUG Ulduar 10 last night’. Of course, that’s another issue worth considering I think – there is a whole specialised language around gaming and specific games that also acts as a barrier to non gamers – whether male or female.
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