Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-04

  • I'm on WI Podcast right now. Log in and listen: #wowinsider #warcraft #
  • Google rabbit trails are the neatest things.. you start with one topic.. & then find the answer to a topic you didn't know you cared about. #
  • (UNTESTED) App that will pause your music when someone (or you) speak on Vent. Nice. #
  • Interesting ponder.@AdamHolisky first ask: how is the "community" broken? Then identify biggest problems & propose how to fix or work around #
  • Nib WoW Ponder.. if you're smashed for Brewfest.. and you drink [Black Coffee] do you become less drunk? #
  • Why is it that sometimes.. raiding makes me want to stab out my eyes.. or kill them all with fire? #
  • It's official.. I'm a bad person. Fear me!! #
  • RT: @Mandaril It's time for the Draenei mages to desire more power and be tempted by the Fel Magic… WTB SPACEGOAT WARLOCKS! #
  • RT @Boize_: Nothing says "Welcome to Outland" like getting roflstomped by a Fel Reaver. #
  • Yahoo: WRT I can no longer send replies and my drafts folder keeps autoloading. If it ain't broke, stop fucking with it. #
  • RT @DMZduffry: [wrt Google Wave] It's more than a gadget, it's a protocol. Anyone not excited doesn't understand it. #
  • Just about to do Val'kyr twins in ToC-10 for the first time. #
  • Twins down (first time). Making first attempt at Anub in ToC-10. #
  • Woot! Lilac has achieved [Call of the Crusade (10 player)]. Esp. nice considering last week we couldn't down Lord "Don't Stand in Fire". #
  • I think "sack the fuck up" needs to be the theme for today. Wonder if I can use it in a post. #
  • All this talk of "Fall" and "snow" makes me laugh.. here in California it's all: "Oh no, it's cold, I had to wear SOCKS today!" #
  • .@pikestaff Site Twitter experience. Twitter=140 chars. Quests = 512 chars. @warcraft: "WTB compelling stories < 512 chars. Plz Send Resume" #
  • I'm dizzy today… usually that means either I'm getting sick.. or we're going to have an earthquake.. could go either way. #
  • RT @ForTheLore we got some google wave invites… you need one? RT this !! #googlewave #wave #
  • RT @ToddBrink Facebook is where you go to reconnect with your past…and Twitter is where you go to meet people for your future #
  • RT: @stoppableforcek RT @iaintait Has 1,000 Google Wave invites to give away. RT with the hash tag #iaintait to get one – Hit me #
  • Yeah! The stars have aligned. 3 paychecks this month. #
  • Blessing of Kings wrote about class channels in AION ( I'd love to see this feature officially in @warcraft #
  • RT @freewaveinvites: 1000 Google Wave invites to share in next 24h. #googlewave #wave RT & follow #
  • Google Wave The overview: (AKA: Why you should be excited about this) #
  • RT @TwistedNether: Reminder: TNB is recording LIVE tonight at 9pm PST with Leiandra of Zanderfin's Wow "Casual" Raiding. See you all there! #
  • Yahoo! mail is now unstable enough I'm thinking to change to gmail.. even though my preferred gmail acct name is already taken. /sadface. #
  • Yu know what.. I think they all lied. No free Google Wave passes.. GTFO @freewaveinvites I don't want any of your hillbilly coolaid. #
  • October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Save the TaTas!! Please contribute if you can. #
  • /sigh @fimlys should not allow me to tweet without supervision. TNB will be recording tonight at -8- pm PST.. not 9 as my fingers typoed. #

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