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I think TBag is one of the very first addons I ever installed. It’s been part of my UI since March 2007 (about a month after I started playing WoW).

TBags is an indispensable inventory addon. It works right out of the box with no additional fiddling. It shows your inventory all-at-once and then sorts it into logical groupings.

That said, if the arrangement doesn’t please you, you can fiddle with it.

This addon allows you to view the inventory of this toon or another toon by choosing which toon from the dropdown(#1 on the picture). You can also remotely view the bank of the toon chosen(#2 on the picture).

At the bottom of the layout window is the search box (#3 on the picture). Typing words or fragments of words into this box will search your bags and bank of any toon listed in the dropdown. It will display what it’s found in the chat window.

See the picture to see how the default bag is arranged.

The only failing to my eye is that this doesn’t inventory/search guild vaults. Shefki, the addon author has mentioned he may add this in an upcoming patch.

7 thoughts on “Addon: TBag – Shefki

  1. I second that notion! The search feature by itself is well worth the download. The rest is icing on the cake. Shefki looking at guild vaults as well is very, very good news!

    I’d love to be able to get rid of deleted toons’ data, but that’s small potatoes. This is an absolute gem of an addon.
    .-= Grimmtooth´s last blog ..She’s still got it =-.

  2. +1 LOVE IT, hate to play without it..

    I love that I can also hide specific bags. I like to hide the contents of my shard bag since it only contains one thing and I can see the count of my shards in two other places (Necrosis and spell buttons on my bar). Who count’s those things anyway??

    It does a great job of sorting items, so I immediately know where to look for food and quest items. I also run OPie “(step 3, enjoy pie)” so I don’t search for quest items.

    Personally, I am not sure Guild Bank would be that useful. Currently it only shows items that it has seen. For example, it doesn’t know about items that are in my mail from non-account toons (like the auction house returns). So, to be a valid search, you’d need to view your Guild Bank tab(s) each time.
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  3. I have a “bank of one”. It’s where I store all my flowers, enchanting mats, eternals etc. Everything is in there and I’m the only person who accesses it.

    I can see the “view of vault” being less helpful for my “regular” guild vault.. but for bank of one it would be heavenly.

  4. I’m still a fan of ArkInventory, though I think I did try this back in the day. Interesting write-up!

  5. My favorite bag addon is Baud Manifest, as it’s the only addon I’ve seen that does away with an icon-oriented bag interface. Instead I get an actual list of what’s in my inventory (and said list is sortable by various criteria, I usually sort by rarity). No longer do I pick up some item I need for a quest, and then have to spend time mouse-overing every item in my inventory to see if that’s the item I just picked up. Nor do I need to mouse-over in order to differentiate items using the same icon – is that a Tankard O’Terror, or is it a mug of Drakefire Chile Ale?

    It might just be that I’m a rather verbally (rather than graphically) oriented person, but Baud Manifest has been an immense help to me.

  6. I believe it also stacks items for you. For example, if I’m going through and prospecting the ore I just went out and grabbed, there’s sometimes some odd stacks (say, 17 and 8). After prospecting one of those odd groups, it will make the 2 stacks into 1. It’s a small quirky thing, but beneficial nonetheless.
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