The Cleaning Power of Ruts

Stuck in a rutI think I’m in a rut. It’s not a bad rut.. but it’s kind of a rut.

My evenings are as follows:
– Log into Pally and use Alchemy to make an epic gem (currently making dreadstones). Send stone to banker toon.
– Log into banker toon. Check to see if last gem sold (usually they do), check to see if prices are meh ok (160-190g) if so, list a gem to sell. Scan AH and check for any deals.
– Log into Warlock. Check on the daily heroic. Get in LFG for a 25.
– Get into a pug-25 or get bored, make dinner, catch up on blogs for a while, wander off and fold laundry.

The good news is that I’m almost all caught up with laundry. …

The thing is.. my guild was having this problem where they weren’t getting enough sign ups for raids (I was signing up.. but we were consistently falling short on numbers). So they called a meeting and asked “hey, why aren’t you guys signing up for raids?” and the only real response they got was “raids are scheduled too late” (raids usually started at 7:30pm PST). So the leadership has, for the last two weeks scheduled raids earlier.. at about 5:00pm PST.. ie, about 2 hours before I get home from work. So instead of getting home and immediately jumping into a guild raid.. instead I’m having to find ways to amuse myself.

It’s not -horrible-.. but it’s certainly different.

I kind of got used to knowing that my night was all planned out. I’d get home, make dinner, log in, get invited to a raid (or wait around 30 mins until we got enough people) and then go smash face for a few hours. Now.. not so much.

I think I just need to go back to my bucket list and just start making progress on them.

Well ok.. to be 100% honest I’ve kind of been liking what’s been happening the last few days. I get home.. spend about an hour working around the house.. then log in and do whatever strikes my fancy. Stuff around the house has been getting done.. and that makes me happy. Not that I am leaving the game or anything.. just reclaiming some RL time for RL projects.

So ok.. in-game:
– Level baby mage (she’s now 28)
– Acquire Talkbuk, Nether drake, Nether Ray mounts.
– Also need to figure out what I should be spending Triumph badges on. I ignored them for a while and I finally think I have enough to buy something.. but I haven’t figured out what to buy.

2 thoughts on “The Cleaning Power of Ruts

  1. I understand the raid time disconnect. My guild was all west coast and I’m east. They’d start raiding on a Tuesday night at 7PST. Hello? I can’t start a raid at 10pm EST and still get up at 6am the next morning. And pugs (the WoW groups, not the Dog) make me nervous. Kinda like I hate calling people I don’t know, I hate getting in groups I don’t know.

    And now I’m basically guildless. So dinner gets made on-time, laundry is done, bathrooms are clean, pets are feed. Could you imagine how I’d be doing, if I’d actually not miscarried last month? I’d be, like, nesting or something.

    I think I need to find a guild.
    .-= EvilElleon´s last blog ..What the Heck Did I Do?! =-.

  2. Welcome to casual gamer-hood. I too can’t make raids at 5PM. For one my wife would kill me (IRL) and as you’ve noticed, nothing get’s done around the homestead. My game play starts around 9PM when the kids are in bed and wife is watching TV.

    With my Triumph badges, I am saving up for new shoulders. I picked up i200 shoulders in reg 5-man TOC, and would love to replace them.. Just need 20 more badges.. Get into some 25-man TOC, maybe get the T9 shoulders, but not holding out hope..
    .-= Elkagorasa´s last blog ..Ambassador Elkagorasa =-.

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