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Five Things: Scribbles of ideas

These things are cool.. but not really enough (yet) to string out into a full post.. so I’ll babble about them and see what comes.

Thing 1:Nameplates
On the 3.3 PTR they’re making nameplates visible from further away.. and not jump around.. and pay attention to LOS

Verdict: Bad for PVPers (which I’m not one of) but potentially good for healers. This could allow healers to heal ppl based on their nameplate floating above their head. This is good because it will let healers pay attention to more than just their raid frames.. but has the potential badness that they might not notice someone behind them who’s taking damage. Overall I like the idea.

I -think- I’d like it more if nameplates that were out of range could be showed as greyed out.. or something like that. We’ll see.

Thing 2: Dots, Hots and Haste
Some Hots/Dots may benefit from haste by ticking faster.

Verdict: Mixed. If your dot ticks faster it ends sooner meaning you have to recast it more. For warlocks they’re talking about doing this by having a glyph that makes your Corruption tick faster. I’m interested to see how the Glyph works with Everlasting Affliction. I re-cast haunt whenever it’s off cooldown.. and casts of haunt continually refresh corruption.. so potentially if my haunt casts are still fast enough to keep corruption refreshed.. then “faster ticks” just translates to more DPS. Though it also means that if I’m slow about putting haunt up I lose both haunt and corruption more often.

Now.. if they’d just update Everlasting Affliction to refresh based on casts of Shadow Bolt.. THEN we’d be in business.

Thing 3: Felpuppy in Ascendance?
3.3 PTR patch notes show two buffs to the fell puppy. Improved Felhunter getting re-done to not suck.. and Felhunter’s shadow bite improving -my- dots by 15% (up from 5%)

Verdict: I really do hope this makes the Felpuppy the best Affliction choice. I like him better than any other pet.

Thing 4: Nibs has a “Well Duh” moment
For the longest while I’ve acknowledged that Elitist Jerks is -the- place to go for true mathification. They are indeed the schizzle. Unfortunately for some reason at some point in the past I’d gone to EJ looking for -the answer- and instead found a thread for several hundered posts. The thread contained the answer.. but I had to wade through all the posts to find it. So.. for the most part I’d avoided actually going to EJ.

Well.. it happened that I was on EJ helping my fiancee find a Retribution Paladin answer.. and I stumbled on their Ret Pally intro post.. and I was blown away by how straight forward it was and easy to follow.. and easy to understand. And I thought to myself.. gee, it’s too bad there isn’t a post like this for Affliction Warlocks. Well lo and behold, I was wrong. There totally -is- a post about Affliction Warlocks.. and it totally covers all the sticky juicy details.. and totally mathifies it.. Now, I still won’t believe everything it says with total abandon.. but it’s a very very very good place to start.

Verdict: EJ is indeed the schizzle.

Thing 5: Wish lists are cool.. automated wish lists really blow my skirts up.
Automatically generated gear wish list for Lilac based on her current pawn scale (assumes she’s already hit-capped).

Verdict: It’s good for making a wishlist for most of my gear.. but not so good for trinkets.

2 thoughts on “Five Things: Scribbles of ideas

  1. That wishlist is really odd. Apparently their weightings have MP5 so low, I have a blue pair of mail boots listed as higher than my plate boots from Ulduar 25. My boots have nearly 20 more int, 20 more spell power, and crit (the blue boots have none). But I have 28mp5 on my boots while the blue boots have 57 haste.

    Me thinks it could use some tweaking. 🙂

  2. Well.. out-of-the-box the gear wishlist uses default scales from wowhead and lootrank.. I don’t particularly like/trust those.. so I imported my own.

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