Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-11

  • "It may feel wrong to help others do more DPS, but remember, you're just using them to get what you want." @DMZduffry #
  • LOL guild name: Resilience is Futile. #
  • I feel like a failure as a foodie.. but I have to admit.. I really like Pizza Hut's Lasagna. /shameface #
  • Fiancee fixed my bookshelf (thus earning him many manly points). Now all my books arent' falling on the ground. V. happy Nib. #
  • RT @buffd Twisted Nether Blogcast » Episode 61 – Zanderfin’s Magic Emporium / Buff'd – World of Warcraft news #
  • Orc females: the manliest of all the horde #
  • Hmm.. Google Chrome offers themes.. I -just- noticed. I think it's new today.. or I'm just oblivious.. could go either way. #
  • /grumble The gal in the ofc nextdoor is cold. She has a space heater on. Our ofcs share a thermostat so now my ofc is freezing. BITCH. #
  • "I may not top the charts but I'll have fun not doing it." (via @grimmtooth) on playing the unpopular (but fun) specs. #
  • Anyone else notice that @warcraft is being a bit broad w/ the teasing today? There must be a serious amt of info coming out on.. Thurs? Fri? #
  • Whoa: "Drain Soul: deals 4x normal dmg for all ranks. Previously it was only ranks 6 and above." Always or only below 25%? @warcraft #
  • If "Bacon is the candy of meats."… What is the meat of candies? #
  • I think Twitter has Swineflu. #
  • Is it sad that twitter borks and my first thought is "Ok, what celebrity died?" #
  • There's some kind of #brigponder here.. If you use the force is it like it's another person? #
  • Definition Irony: a plant-wide safety meeting about swine flu telling you to avoid crowds….. (via @psynister) #
  • TNB is just about to start our live recording! Join us at and listen in as we talk to @spoonwolf #
  • Just finished TNB. V. Fun interview. Can't wait to see it on the site! #
  • Ooo new prog guide!! RT: @extralife I will be the cover artist for new "World of Warcraft Programming guide", from Wiley Publishing. #
  • RT: @justanna RT @Mona What do you get when you divide the circumference of a pumpkin by its diameter??? [wait for it] PUMPKIN ?! #
  • A guildie has started an RP story blog( I don't know where the story's headed but I'm sure he'd love feedback. #CalmFury #
  • RT @Warcraft: TY to everyone who responded to #BlizzFeedback We've added a new email for more #

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