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montres_steampunk_1Trinkets scare me. I mean they’re lovely bits of sparkle that have tasty buffs on them.. but for some reason, I have a very hard time telling if trinket A is better than trinket B. I blame the proc. For some reason the proc part of the trinket just scares me. The math of the proc just makes my eyes cross.

Here’s an example:
Sundial of the Exiled vs Abyssal Rune vs Embrace of the Spider

They’re all so similar.. and I just get confused. Which two should I use?

Last night I finally sat down and did some math. Here’s the simple math (simple meaning not complex.. meaning it’s close but not exact).

Sundial of the Exiled (or Mithral Pocketwatch) give you +84 crit, 590 SP from proc (10 secs up, 45 secs internal cd). Doing very simple math against the proc, this means that it will give a passive spellpower boost of 131.11 (10/45 * 590). So the sundial is -worth- 84 crit and 131.11 SP.

Abyssal Rune gives +84 haste, 590 SP from proc (10 secs up, 45 secs internal cd) works out to +84 haste and 131.11 passive SP (10/45 * 590)

Embrace of the Spider gives +98 SP, 505 haste from proc (10 secs up, 45 secs internal cd) works out to +98 SP and 112.22 passive haste (10/45 * 505)

According to my current pawn scale(“affliction early T8”), SP is worth 1.45, Haste is worth 0.90 and Crit is worth 0.76.

So I end up with the following:

SP Haste Crit Pseudo-points
Sundial of the Exiled 131.11 0 84 253.92
Abyssal Rune 131.11 84 0 266.19
Embrace of the Spider 98 112.22 0 243.51

So according to my back-of-the napkin math, I should go with Abyssal Rune and Sundial of the Exiled (or Mithral Pocketwatch).

Now, before you go off and do what I did..and basic mathify all your trinkets.. have a peek over at the trinket list generated by Lootrank. I setup this lootrank based on “Early T8” Pawn Scale for someone mostly in T8.5 that is AT hit cap. If you’re below hit cap then consider some of the tasty +hit trinkets.

They seem to have based their math for the trinket worth on more complex math… that said, it holds true with my back-of-the napkin math.

One last thing.. consider the type of fight and make sure you’re using the right trinket for that fight. If you spend 100% of the time on the boss and never change targets then the values generated for the trinkets should be good enough to help you choose which trinkets to use. If, instead, you’re doing a fight that involves a lot of AOE or targeting a lot of different targets.. then some trinkets are better choices than others.

For example, the Illustration of the Dragon Soul is a highly rated trinket.. but if you can’t get a stack up on your target, because you’re spending a lot of time on other targets, then you lose the benefit of that trinket. In that case it may be better to go with a lower-overall rated trinket that boosts you rather than debuffing your target.

[edited to add: Well crud.. Stop and Llanion informed me that Illustration of the Dragon Soul puts a stack on me.. not the mob.. that totally undermines my point. *sigh*… oh well.. consider the point undermined]

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  1. Nice. I am really liking my Mithril Pocketwatch. It seems to trigger a few times during those long boss fights, even stacking with my Dying Curse and Empowered Imp.

    I am really starting to not like the LootRank/Gear Wishlist sites. The maths are off. For example, Gear Wish list is saying the BOA Tattered Dreadmist Mantle is an upgrade from my hToC purples. LootRank is saying that the Egg of Mortal Essence is an upgrade for my Dying Curse. I don’t know that many healing spells that Locks do cast. Maybe Drain Life?
    .-= Elkagorasa´s last blog ..3.3 Patch Nodes – Macro changes =-.

  2. I still need to test if Mithral Pocketwatch stacks with the Sundial.

    I will agree that the ranking for BoA stuff is off. I just ignore it if it’s golden/amber.

    Once upon a time, for Warlocks, the Egg of Mortal Essence actually -was- an upgrade from Dying Curse. If it procs it is the equivalent of the Embrace of the Spider. It -used- to proc on Fel Armor heals. So it was constantly up. They changed that in um.. 3.1 I think.. so now it only triggers from Life Tap, Health funnel, Fel Synergy and Mana Feed.

    Keep in mind also, the lootrank link above has +hit as worth 0 points. So Dying Curse ranks as a fantastic trinket based only on its DPS qualities. If you also need +hit, then Dying Curse is Godly.

  3. I love LootRank but their trinket ranking is pretty weak, especially around Use and proc type abilities. Personally I wouldn\’t recommend anyone use the trinkets list from LootRank as is isn\’t reliable.

    Seems to work fine for other slots though.

    Gobble gobble.
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  4. @bobturkey
    I appreciate the sentiment. I had the same hesitation. That’s why I did back-of-the-envelope math for 11 trinkets (see google spreadsheet). Aside from the fact that they’re displaying slightly different numbers on their weights.. the relative rankings of all 11 trinkets was the same from my calculations as compared to theirs.

    So.. honestly it’s better than nothing.

  5. A quick note about Illustration of the Dragon Soul: it doesn’t put a debuff on your target. Instead it is a buff on yourself. As long as you are attacking something before the buff expires (every 10 seconds), you’ll be able to stack up to 200 spell power even by attacking multiple targets. I have one and absolutely love it (except for the bug with Blizzard that doesn’t proc it).

  6. It’s worthwhile to get one of the non-essential DPSers in the raid (you know, the rogue that’s always hugging carpet by his third eviscerate) to run the World of Logs monitoring software and throw up the stats. Using these, you can look fight by fight at your toon and see which buffs are up (and which debuffs you aren’t avoiding).

    You can see pattens emerging where you have regular(ish) procs and see how your DPS peaks during these periods. Turned out a lot of my empowered imp and lightweave procs co-incided with running to avoid stuff during a lot of encounters, and my lifetap buff wasn’t *always* being kept up.

    Seeing graphical proof that you’re not running at optimum performance can be a great boot-up-the-back-end without having someone shouting “tap, noob” at you 🙂
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  7. You forgot another important aspect. The proc chance. For Abyssal Rune it’s 25%, for the Sundial only 10%. Therefore, the proc will never ever be up every 45 seconds. (On WoWhead you can click on the proc and it lists the proc chance.)

    Then, a haste proc is considered at the beginning of your cast, a spellpower or crit proc when your cast finishes. Therefore, you will waste some up time on a a spellpower proc. If the proc is up for 1 more second and you cast a 2 second shadow bolt, the last 1 second of the proc is wasted unused. On the other side if you have 1 second left on a haste proc and start casting a 2 second shadow bolt, the whole cast will be hasted.

    Illustration of the Dragon Soul can be pre-stacked with life tap (rank 1) or your pet heal (rank 1) before the fight starts, but these casts might also proc other trinkets or your tailoring enchant and therefore reduce their effect.

  8. Another thing of note is that haste proc trinkets can sometimes throw off your rythym. Make sure you get plenty of practice with them before using them in raids, or you won’t get the optimum value out of them.

    Edit: And also make sure the haste value doesn’t push you past the haste softcap, or it won’t give you the full effect of the passive haste value.

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