So.. yesterday I learned a new word.

spheniscidae: noun comprising all existing penguins

I actually had to look it up. 🙂 Go Go Blizz for Vocabulary building.

So after that I sat upstairs of the Violet Citadel and stared at a bookcase. I’m not really a fan of camping the book spawns.. but I had only one book left and was listening in on a guild meeting (and then catching up on my RSS reader). I did jump out for a little bit to try an OS+3 zerg.. we didn’t win but we did get below 20% a couple times.. eventually, I FINALLY got my last book.

This gave me the Kirin Tor Familiar.. which was my 75th pet.. which then gave me Little Fawn’s Salt Lick which was pet number 76. GoGo Achievementitus.

Anyway.. The fawn is unfathomably adorable as she bounds along behind you.. and I’m amused that the Kirin Tor Familiar is taller than I am.

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