Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-18

  • We are having a virtual meetup for TNB listeners on the PTR tonight. It's the only way to do it w/ high lvl toons.(via @Warcraft ) #DailyWow #
  • RT @mashable The Fun Theory: Volkswagen Masters the Viral Video #
  • WTB ordered list of Best for DPS Trinkets for Affliction PST. #warcraft #
  • Sad realization of the day: US Thanksgiving is NEXT month. That means no turkey this month. HRM. I may have to make a consolation turkey. #
  • /grumble "We haven't sold any of XYZ & won't for Q4" "So why are we regression testing them?" (100s or hrs wasted) "Because we -might-"… #
  • RT @TwistedNether: New blog post: TNB on the PTR TONIGHT 7:30pm PST #
  • When someone makes a catty remark to me.. why am -I- the immature one for telling them to go F themselves? #
  • (NSFW) why is "it sucks balls" a bad thing? I thought guys liked that? #
  • Did a VoA-25 & the RL ninja'd the tier pc. I reported him on I'm sad that I have legitimate reason to use the site. #
  • Made of Win: piratical song. #
  • RT @chrisbergman: – Twitter quietly adds option to report spammer, or did I just miss this? #
  • RT @notpatrick: Ha! I hadn't seen @extralife's Obey Henry gallery; some of them are really awesome! #
  • "Make something great. Tell people about it. Do it again." Beware the evil voodoo of SEO: (via @leafshine) #
  • It's officially fall. I just turned on the heating pad for the dog. No.. our dogs aren't spoiled.. why do you ask? #
  • RT @TheElitists: @mattycus Priest Tier two looks like someone walked through a stained glass window wearing a robe made of glue #
  • A pizza with radius z and crust-height a, has a volume calculated by pi*z*z*a #
  • I -work- for CBS & I stopped watching TV 3 yrs ago(can you say Irony?)… but I will be watching Gary Unmarried tonight (for @jaymohr37) #
  • Up to my ears in trinkets.. but I think I'm finally making sense of them. Meaty post to follow. #
  • Note: @twistednether will be back on the PTR Monday night 7:30pm PST. We have vent and a guild tabard. Hope to see you there! #
  • Warlock wondering: WTB mathification, which does better DPS for my spec on whelps.. Seed of Corruption or Rain of Fire? Thinking Seed.. #
  • New MC post: Pretty Trinket Evaluating Trinkets #warcraft #mathification #
  • If anyone has a spare Google Wave invite I would happily sing your praises for sending it to me. #
  • RT @WarcraftPets: Mr. Chilly is now live & in-game via mail from Breanni! Simply merge your WoW account to a #
  • Your Gear + Spec determines the maximum DPS you can do.. your skill determines the minimum. #
  • Finally got the last Dalaran Book. Penguin + Kirin Tor Familiar = Fawn Salt Lick Boo ya! #
  • RT @AzerothUnited: Child's Play Charity Event – Press Release « Azeroth United #worldofwarcraft #
  • Trying to repress snarky tweet. It's not working. To quote @Bre_0 article from a while ago: "{XXX blogger} is not your bitch". GTFO #
  • RT @brigwyn: So today is #beatcancer hash tag day. i'm typically skeptical but hey if it helps let's do it! #plzrt #
  • When do you cross the line from twitternoob to twitterati? #
  • Shadenfreude…guy on the train tries to make a call… And then looks at his phone and SHAKES IT!! We're in a tunnel Sparky. Srsly. #
  • TNB starting very soon. Join us at #
  • TNB now recording. We will be announcing a contest. Join us live at #
  • Just finished recording TNB with @fimlys and @outdps. Tons of fun. You should have been there! Next week: Round Table! #

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