Fail pugs (Boston Terriers) make me sad

I’ve been pugging lately. Not much going on in-guild for 25s.. and well guild isn’t doing OS+3 Zerg.. so I’ve been looking elsewhere for satisfaction. Unfortunately lately I’ve been finding a lot of fail.

Things that actually happened.. that make me sad:

  • During the trash before Sartharion the hunter, we’ll call him Maxx, commenting about how cool it would be if he could blast people back away from him. Then replied “nah-huh” when told that he, the level 80 hunter, has Disengage.. which will pop him backwards when he hits it. His exclamation of “Wow, that’s so cool. I -did- not know that” when he tried it ACTUALLY made me /facepalm.
  • Tank lost aggro on the second mob in the two-mob trash pulls. When asked about it he replied “LOL hard to keep aggro on two mobs”
  • One of the two-mob trash pulls in Sarth took upwards of 3 minutes. Most of the raid group had the curse.. and neither the mage nor the druids could be bothered to cleanse it off.
  • Just before the first pull of Sartharion.. right after I did “Ritual of Doom” and summoned Doug, my Doomguard, another of the Warlocks in the group whispered me and asked me what he was.. and how I’d gotten him.
  • Self-same warlock later declared she’d “afk brb” and sat down. 15 minutes later we kicked her from the raid and filled the spot with someone else.
  • On OS+3, the Raid leader, the sole healer declared that anyone hit by flame wall would be thrown out of the raid. That priest was then hit by flame wall on the first, second and third attempt at Sartharion. Sadly the Raid Leader did not in fact throw himself out of the raid.
  • RL typed “WARLOCKS! SS” at which point I made a soulstone.. the RL then called for the pull. Maybe I’m silly, but I expected him to say who he wanted me to SS. I did contemplate SSing him since he was the priest healer who kept dying to flamewall.. but I figured that’d be a waste.
  • Sensing that “the raid group” was having problems avoiding the flame walls, Maxx, the ever so helpful hunter marked himself with a blue square and declared that everyone should follow him because he knows the safe spots. His words were only undermined by the fact that he had died to flame wall on the previous two attempts.
  • Different Pug, after our first attempt at a Ony-10 the raid leader demanded to know why I was using a felhunter (A. I’m Affliction.. duh and B. there were no mages and no priests in the run so my felhunter was supplying weak buff coverage and some DPS for me). The RL then went on to declare that my felhunter had pulled the whelps.. and demanded I use a different pet (based onyesterday’s post, it looks like pets can’t pull whelps… so yeah)
  • I died to whelps, I died to whelps, I died to whelps. I examined our off-tank and realized he was a pally tanking in Retribution spec.

12 thoughts on “Fail pugs (Boston Terriers) make me sad

  1. Good lord that’s a ginormous pile of fail. If that had been me I’d likely not be able to speak for days after due to the ensuing aneurysm.

  2. Well keep in mind this is about a weeks worth of fail.. over at least 2-3 fail pugs. But yes.. we have some true winners there.

  3. I laughed out loud at the ‘marked himself with a blue square’ part. People having trouble with the raid? Put MORE stuff on the screen, that’ll help!

  4. @Leiandra
    OH, I’ve run with that guy (the one who jsut bought his account off ebay.. and admitted it). This was close to that.

    I fixed it for you (the title anyway).

    Ahh it doesn’t sound like you missed much. If your group is wiping on Ony’s trash there will be problems with Ony.

    Regardless of how bad the pug is.. I always remind myself “this is good blog fodder”.

  5. I like the picture. It would have been even more effective if it showed a Pug instead of a Boston Terrier.

    I can’t comiserate much, because I haven’t been in a 10 or 25 man instance in over a year, because…well ok, because I’m still sick of people telling me how to play my toon to the “benefit” of the raid. (I play for my benefit. I don’t care about theirs.) But I just had to laugh, and say…

    Uh Nib…you named the Doomguard “Doug”?
    .-= EvilElleon´s last blog ..The Balloon Has Been Popped =-.

  6. @EvilElleon
    Here’s the post where I named my doomguard: Doug

    I like raiding.. and luckily I have a guild that allows me the freedom to spec as I choose (not just the currently acknowledged FotM). That said, if I wasn’t topping the meters.. and if we were failing because we kept hitting the enrage timers.. I would respec to the FotM, as much as I hate it.

    Right now each of the warlock specs have good buffs to give to the raid.
    Affliction: Improved Shadow Bolt (5% more crit to spells)
    Demonology: Demonic Pact (Pet’s crits give raid 2% of my spelldmg)
    Destruction: Replenishment

    So.. although it is possible to spec away from the raid buffs.. it is arguable that any of them are great boons to the raid.

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