In which the role of huntard will be played by Nib

noobLast night, after a sucessful ToC-10 guild run (where every boss dropped +hit cloth and I was the only DPS clothie in the raid)(poor me) and a sucky Ony-25 pug (we experienced failure to tank and wiped repeatedly), finally I logged onto my baby hunter and helped a level-appropriate guildie group run Ramparts and then Blood Furnace.

The group was
– 60/61 me, noobing it up on my hunter..
– 59/60 Fiancee who is normally a tank playing his first-ever healer, pally healing his first ever instance.
– 59/60 Drk who is normally a Rogue playing the Druid tank. Half way through the night he commented that he had to keep reminding himself not to run away from the mobs.
– 61/62 Arodai who normally plays a rogue on his Ret Paladin (who doesn’t have pally power.. but should)
– 60? Grimr who is not a noob playing on his DPS-warrior who is decked out in PVP gear (and throughly showed us all up). Grimr usually plays our top-dpsing hunter in the guild.. and I’m sure /facepalmed at my noob through most of the runs.

I stayed up -way- too late and I’m totally wiped out today. Anyway, I totally noobed it up. I mean but good.

Examples of Nibs Noob:
– Baby Hunter has just (2 days ago) dinged 60 by picking up candy buckets. At this point I’m fairly certain I forgot to train 60. /sigh
– I logged onto my hunter and switched to “Bug” my Ravager pet. As I pulled Bug out of the stable, Bug dinged up to 55. DOH.. low level pet for the run.. ugh. The guildie group said not to worry about it, we’d just go ahead and run with the lowbie pet. In fact they even went so far as to say how great it’d be because my pet wouldn’t pull aggro (no fraking chance of that).
– About 1 minutes into the run I noticed that I was building up skill on my Crossbow. I was at a grand total of 31. /facepalm I guess at some point before I dinged I picked up a crossbow.. and equipped it.. but had never gotten the weapon skill.
– About 3 minutes into the run I noticed that since the last time I’d played this characer… all of my talent skills had been refunded. /Doh!! I pulled up Raider101 and quickly followed their endgame BM spec (even though I think that’s probably wrong for leveling… it’s still better than 0/0/0.
– About 4 minutes into the run I noticed that my pet’s health was suddently going down.. he was out of range of a mend pet.. and then he died. I keyed up in Vent and said “Uh-oh.. um.. incoming mobs”. I had lost track of my pet.. and my “cast hunter mark and then send pet to attack” macro had sent my pet off to attack the next set of mobs. The group picked them up and made it through despite my noobing it up.
– About halfway through the run I realized that I should probably be hitting some of the uber-special pet thingies (Bestial Wrath/Intimidation) that I’d spec’d into.
– At the end of the run I was the totally lowest DPS. I mean MAN I sucked. BUT.. I got a level (yeah for 61) and Bug is now also 61. AND we didn’t wipe at all. In fact I think we had no deaths.

So to summarize: Even bumping along at lowest DPS.. with NO clue which dps buttons I’m supposed to be hitting.. and doing the dumbest mistakes ever.. Even with all of that our lowbie group was totally able to descimate Ramparts.. and then Blood Furnace. AND I had SO . MUCH . FUN!!!

In fact.. it was -way- more fun and entertaining than the Ony-25 from earlier in the night. Think about that for a while.

4 thoughts on “In which the role of huntard will be played by Nib

  1. I’ll add to your nooblist 🙂

    While your pet might not do enough *damage* to pull aggro, he CAN pull “level” aggro just by getting close enough to a mob.

    Thus I found out in a room with my guildies, my level 7868 tiger, and a fellow named Aran.

    As SOON as I walked in the door.

    .-= Grimmtooth´s last blog ..Just caaaaALL for super chicken! =-.

  2. This totally makes me wish I could find a sympathetic group to take my mage alt into a 5man for the first time. Sympathetic, because I have no clue how to run a mage in a dungeon. I’d have to, like, research it. I’m used to the holy priest stand-at-the-back-and-heal, which shows I haven’t even taken her into newer dungeons.

    I did ding my baby pally to 26, following your candy bucket suggestion.
    .-= EvilElleon´s last blog ..Sacrificing My Crafting Time =-.

  3. I had a tremendously fun time running a paladin through Deadmines with a level-appropriate group, once as DPS, the other as the healer. I pretty much had no clue what I was doing in either role, but had a blast doing it.

    More of these kinds of runs, please!
    .-= Cynwise of Stormwind´s last blog ..The Mercenary =-.

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