Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-25

  • LOL Boomchicken named "Kayeffsea" #
  • The -good- thing about Ony.. is the if you're in a fail raid.. at least you're not saved for the week. /sigh #
  • Note also: pets can come in the bag from putting out the fires. #
  • Please follow @geekgirldiva "Actually, if I can hit 5K[followers], I may be able to raise the donation amount for AU." @AzerothUnited #
  • This made me /facepalm as well #warcraft #keybinds #
  • Using your iPhone powers for "good" #iphoneapp #outsidethebox #invasiveplants #geotagging #
  • WTB more free time in my life. I'm tickled by the idea of "warlock centric" podcast.. but don't have time.. & esp no time to button monkey. #
  • I'll be there! RT @TwistedNether: TNB on the PTR TONIGHT 7:30pm PST Take 2 #warcraft #PTR #
  • I'm never going to be able to watch a Pixar intro with a straight face again. #
  • Ugh.. cross your finger for me if this extends to BART I may end up sleeping in my office #commutewoes #MUNIclosed #
  • I'm finding myself oddly fascinated w/ steampunk & oddly amused that I can't type "Googles" w/o adding .com to it. #
  • Ahh also .. lovey article about the construction of OMG googles #
  • – I am at Espetus Churrascaria in SF. Brazilian Steak House is made of win. #
  • I LOLd. I don't like shooters.. but if it's half this funny I'm tempted by BorderLands #
  • #brigponderous Why is it..women call their lesbian love & their friends "Girlfriend".. but for men "Boyfriend" always means homosexual love? #
  • You know you play too much WoW when you're watching a livestream/video of a fight and you try to click drag the camera to a new angle. #
  • A guildie confided that he stopped by Elwynn to get a bucket before trick or treating. He said it felt more authentic w/ a candy bucket. #
  • For @EvilElleon especially, how my Doomguard ended up named Doug #warcraft #doomguard #Doug #
  • RT @runycat: Sort of NSFW. Sarah Reinertsen, a veritable cyborg badass athlete, poses nude for ESPN. AWESOME. #
  • A ROFLIron!! RT @The_Zet: Had a horrible Idea to make a waffle iron that would emboss the world "rofl" on the top and bottom. #
  • I wonder if we'll be able to make #BlizzChat into a trending topic. #
  • I LOLd RT @PixelExecution: @Nibuca I can see that LFG post. "LFG for OMG/WTF/FFS/GTFO. 1337 DPS. PST." #
  • RT: @Mandaril Found an old Meta macro on my lock: /cast Metamorphosis; /y I'm bigger than you and higher up the food chain. Get in my belly. #
  • "Where Modern Art and Food collide" SF Museum of Modern Art roasts a steer. #
  • RT @Fimlys: Remember .. TNB Round Table Tonight! See for more details. #
  • .@wowcynwise TNB will be live recording at 8pm PST.. I've heard those ppl are kinda funny.. esp. when they do a round table (like tonight) #
  • Great Round Table (as usual) I can't wait to hear it when it comes out on Tue. Yes, I listen to the feed version.. is that weird? #

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