Home is where you set your Hearthstone

My hearth is set in Dalaran. The Legermain Inn to be precise. I found that the “alliance-side” inn was just too busy. A quick survey of my guildies shows that they hearth in Dalaran so they can be close to all of the Northrend instances and to the city portals in case they need to go to somewhere in the old world.

So.. consider the implications of this change (from the 3.3 Patch notes):

Instance Teleporting
When you use the dungeon tool to find a dungeon, you’ll get ported to the inside of the dungeon, much like the current Battleground system. When you leave the instance, you will be returned to your previous location. If you need to leave temporarily, such as for repairs or to purchase reagents, you can teleport back to the dungeon again. This feature can be used both by groups looking for other players and by premade groups of five who use the dungeon tool.

If you can get to the instance .. um.. instantly from a magical teleport.. then the only benefit I see to hanging out in Dalaran is that you can hang out in the new /lfg channel (currently only available in cities).. and /trade.

Hmmm well there is also the daily regular dungeon quest.. and the daily heroic.. ahh wait, they’re removing those. So.. daily cooking and daily fishing. That’s it.

Do you see any other reason to keep your hearth in Dalaran?

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  1. For mages there’s no reason at all, not now either. My hs was in Winterspring until the other day, now I’ll put it somewhere else. But for non-mages it can still be pretty handy to have access to all the city portals. To be able to meet friends at far distant places, get to your favourite AH, or if nothing else for the seasonal achievement stuff requiring you to visit every single inn in the world. Portals come in handy at those times.

  2. This is actually an interesting topic. The question I ask myself is: is there any reason to NOT bind myself to Dalaran? What is it that other locations would offer me that Dalaran would not? Unless I was leveling/doing lots of grinding, I can’t think of any reason not to set my hearth to Dalaran.

    If you’re not (a) grinding or (b) instancing or raiding, what are you doing? Likely, you are hanging out in Dalaran, crafting or chatting with friends and/or listening to city chat channels.
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  3. My home point has actually NEVER been in Dalaran.

    While leveling, I put it wherever I was currently leveling at. It was just convenient.

    Once I did the quest chain to open it, I placed it at Crusader’s Pinnacle. All the convenience of Dalaran (walk outside, mount up, turn around, and you can see the city about 200-300 yards away), none of the lag of hearthing there.

    Then, when the tournament opened and that was the first thing I did every day, I set my hearthstone to the Silver Covenant inn. It’s actually still there, for pretty much that reason.

    However, once I get the seals to get the Crusader’s tabard, I’m seriously considering setting my hearthstone to somewhere in the old world. I’m spending a lot of time there as it is, and it’d just be convenient.
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  4. My 3 80s and 4 bank alts all have their Hearths set to Dalaran (though to all three inns, I do have a bit of RPer in me)
    The main reason is that not a single one of those is a mage, so to get to different parts oft he world, whether it’s my favorite city Thunderbluff, or Org, the economic hub of the horde, or achievemnts in different parts of the world. The central location in Northrend and portals to the 4 capitals are so convenient that I can’t imagine setting my hearth anywhere else. Dalaran is also reasonably evenly spaced and not too far from Toc, Ulduar, Obsidian Sanctum, and Naxx. So for a raider it’s very very handy.
    For the bank alts, being able to go from Org to Dal is very useful when buying things from people in trade.

    If I were to set my hearth any other place…I would be tempted to hearth to Mokai Harbor, since I do love the Kaluak so. Other places dear to my heart would be STV and Ungoro, but neither of those have a place to really call home, like you can the cozy tents of the Walrusmen.
    I also might consider the Taunka in the far off reaches of the Storm Peaks, or Thunderbluff, my favorite capital.

  5. Hrmm, I am set to Dalaran, mainly cuz I don’t seem to experience the lag as badly on my server as it appears to happen on others. I like running right out the inn to the (city and pvp) portals, badge vendors and/or the dailies.

    What really got me is the zone directly into the instance. It looks like a step towards removing the necessity of needing a lock to summon people into the instance. I can only imagine next year’s Headless Horseman mount-grind. My (only level 80 toon) lock may be kicked after his summons have been used, cuz it’s so easy for people to get there..
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  6. All of my toons are bound to Dalaran except for my mage who is bound to the tournament grounds. The quick access to the other cities is the primary reason why. I like to bind to the innkeeper up on the second level because you can run out the side and jump down into the portal area. And it is less crowded.
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  7. Another good thing to remember is that the instant teleport is only available when using the dungeon tool, while yes in some cases this while be convenient, doing planned heroics and raids with your guild or other pre-made group, you’re still going to have to do the travelling you do now (unless you’re *that* guy who spams “summon plz” of course). Doing the new weekly random dungeon, I’m definitely going to be doing more heroics/raids with my guild than I use the dungeon tool.

  8. I hearth to Dalaran (Alliance Inn) for the convenience of portals, and a repair vendor I’m exalted with. At level 70, my character was hearthing to Shatt (Aldor) for portals and repairs.

    Now with the new instance summoning (Hmm, Warlocks aren’t going to be happy with that) it’s likely I’ll go somewhere like Felwood, just to be different.
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  9. My Heartstone on all my high lvl characters is set in Dalaran for the reason of convenience of travel. Mine has nothing to do with access to instances. My main convenience is quick portal access to each continent and major city. If it saves me 10 mins it’s worth my convenience. I never have to ask a Mage for a port so having my HS in Dalaran just works for me and convenience.
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