Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-01

  • I LOL'd RT @TwistedNether: #TNTCast "A LETTER OF RESIGNATION TO THE SONS OF HODIR" (via Mortigan the Lock) #
  • So my baby mage is named "Possibly".. would it be bad to name my baby shaman "Probably"? #
  • Hot Damn! RT @Warcraft: World of Warcraft Paid Race Change is now live! Check it out! #WoW #Warcraft #
  • MUTEX sux. #
  • Anyone having a spare Wave invite? I'm still one of the unwashed masses.. and feeling neglected. #
  • Bay Bridge closed "indefinately"… kill me now. #
  • Coming 12/18: Kickass Avatar trailer – (via @kathunter) #
  • RT @brigwyn: Remember!! ItCameFromThePodcast contest ENDS Nov 4, 2009. You need to submit your Spooky words before then! #podcast #warcraft #
  • Deliciously evil RT @FeistTheRogue: #
  • TNB will start recording soon. Join us as we chat with @daewin and discuss recent news and posts. #
  • Avatar: NE in Space Just go watch it & think to yourself.. "what if this is a preview of the quality of the WoW movie?" #
  • Great TNB (as usual) really enjoyed chatting with @daewin and taunting @brigwyn in the chat room. Not too many squirrels… not -too- many. #

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